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Forgot Raspberry Pi Password? (Here’s what you need to do)

Hardware enthusiasts are slowly switching to the Raspberry Pi for their projects and securing the device system with a password […]

Buying Land Farming Simulator (Version 19 Tips and Tricks)

Together with Focus Home Interactive, Giants Software developed Farming Simulator as a farming simulation video game. Farming Simulator 19 is […]

PS4 and PS5 Same Account? (Tips and Tricks)

The gaming industry might change if owners of multiple devices could log onto a single account. It would be more […]

Wii Music Copyright (Here’s what you need to know)

Copyright law is vital to promote new artists and artistic expressions as creators get an avenue that rewards their hard […]

Wii Region Locked? (Here’s what you need to know)

A regional lockout is a form of digital rights management that prevents the use of various services or products outside […]

Elder Scrolls Online On Steam (Add, Move and Transfer check)

Steam allows you as a gamer to conveniently buy and play your favorite titles. If you love Elder Scrolls Online, […]

Wired vs Wireless Controllers (Best Options against latency)

Developers in the gaming industry are always releasing new technology and refining the old technology to improve the gaming experience. […]

Raspberry Pi Without SD Card? (Boot, Flash, Install check)

The Raspberry Pi Foundation, together with Broadcom, developed the Raspberry Pi Series as a cheaper alternative to regular computers targeting […]

PVP vs PVE (Elder Scrolls Online & other games checked out)

Elder Scrolls Online is a popular online multiplayer game also known as ESO in the gaming community. Most online games […]

Play Elder Scrolls Online (Playing Solo or with Friends)

If you are a fan of the Elder Scrolls series titles like Morrowind and Skyrim, you probably want to know […]

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