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PS4 and PS5 Audio Format Tips (Best settings checked out)

Sound is very important when gaming since it allows you to receive game notifications through audio rather than text, and […]

Vermintide 2 Stagger (Here’s what you need to know)

If you are a new fan of Vermintide 2, you must have come across words like stagger and wondered how […]

Vermintide 2 Tips (Sienna, Slayer, Crowbill, Natural Bonds)

Sienna Fuegonasus is among the five Vermintide 2 heroes. You will always notice her by her bright red wizard robes, […]

Best Properties Vermintide 2 (Checked out)

If you are a beginner in the gaming world, you are probably trying your best to gear up for the […]

War Thunder vs World of Tanks: Here’s what you need to know

Developers released World of Tanks over a decade ago, while the War Thunder is five years old. However, fans of […]

Vermintide 2 Level Up Fast and Max Levels (Tips and Tricks)

Playing Vermintide 2 is fun, as you watch your character level up and gain more power, better weapons, and improved […]

Modded Realm Vermintide 2 (Here’s what you need to know)

Game mods for some people are rich conversations, and, for others, it is the ability to configure or tweak the […]

Fortunes Of War Vermintide 2 (Tips and Tricks)

From Warhammer Fantasy world, Vermintide 2 gamers follow Ubersreik heroes all through their missions. Besides the first battles with Clan […]

Vermintide 2 Tips and Tricks (Curses, equipment, items)

Most people who have played the first release of Vermintide probably know what curse resistance is and what it does. […]

Play Vermintide 2 With Friends (Solo & Multiplayer options)

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is an action video game released in 2018. It was released as a sequel to 2015’s Warhammer: […]

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