Terraria Tips (Stardust Dragon vs Cell vs Terraprisma)

Terraria features several magic objects that help players summon helpful creatures for game advantages. These items can be whips, minions, and sentries, each with unique characteristics.

So, what is the difference between Stardust Dragon and Stardust Cell in Terraria? The two have similar stats, but Cell delivers 60 damage while Dragon deals 40. The Cell is generally a better staff on bosses because it works faster and more accurately during multiple enemy takeouts. However, the Dragon can penetrate barriers and is more convenient in single enemy attacks. It also has a higher DPS and is ideal for AFK farming. Generally, the two staffs have the same working principles, hence you can use them interchangeably.

You will only succeed in Terraria if you deploy the right weapon to perform the actions you need. This article tells apart some often confused items like the Stardust Dragon, Stardust Cell, and Terraprisma.

Thanks to significant updates in Terraria, the game now features several minions for players to choose from, making gameplay more exciting. However, it is critical to understand what each staff does and when to use it, especially since some look alike. The following tips may be handy if you cannot tell apart the Stardust Dragon from the Stardust Cell.

Stardust Dragon and Stardust Cell have similar stats except for damage. While Cell deals 60 damage (summon), Dragon reaches only 40. Secondly, the Cell is a better weapon in boss attacks and works faster and is more accurate when taking down several targets at once.

However, it doesn't have the Dragon's ability to penetrate barriers or walls, which is critical in invasions. Dragon is more convenient for single target attacks and AFK-farming, with high DPS. The two have the same functionalities, and you can use them interchangeably since they are both unique and effective depending on your gameplay tactics.

You can access many staffs in Terraria to gain the upper hand during battles. Minions are the preferred versions since you can carry them around. Also, two weapons that come in handy are the Stardust Cell and Stardust Dragon. Statistically, the Stardust Dragon and Cell have a lot in common. They are both great Terraria weapons but with weak knockback at 2, mana 10, velocity 10, and 36 use time.

The critical chance stands at 4%, but the differing aspect is the damage, with the Cell having 60 against Dragon's 40. These similarities make it hard for gamers to choose the better weapon for bosses.

However, you need a closer look to identify that the two are distinct items with specific roles. The Dragon is an excellent choice for boss attacks thanks to its high DPS (Damage Per Second), and another advantage is that it still works even when there is a barrier between you and the target.

On the other hand, Cells are ideal for bosses, primarily when you use them together with piercing weapons. They are faster, apply debuff when in use, and are perfect when attacking several enemies at a go by how they break through effortlessly. They are also valuable during lunar events as a summoner after destroying Stardust Pillar.

Therefore, you can tell that they have individual roles in Terraria, but some believe that the Dragon is better than Cells. The argument is that it is more lethal, can penetrate walls, is maneuverable, and the best feature is the high DPS count.

However, most believe that both weapons are vital to gameplay, and none is better than the other. Since they have the same working principles, you can comfortably use either and still deal much damage.

Your selection can be due to personal preferences and playstyle. Since you now know their strengths and weaknesses, it is easier to tell which will be a better choice according to the situation. You can check how many bosses are attacking you and their distribution and discern whether you want an excellent staff with high DPS, piercing weapons, or multiple damages.

Terraria Terraprisma Vs. Stardust Dragon: What’s the Difference?

Each level in Terraria presents a more brutal boss; therefore, it is advisable to wield some of the most superior weapons to help defeat your enemies. To take down a particular boss, you will need unique armaments such as Terraprisma and Stardust Dragon. The two are vital in gameplay, but the following are their striking differences.

Terraprisma is a post-Plantera summon weapon, while Stardust Dragon is a post-Lunatic Cultist. The Stardust Dragon weapon can penetrate blocks to destroy your enemies, unlike the Terraprisma that cannot attack through barriers. Similarly, Terraprisma deals ninety damage and four knockbacks on an enemy, unlike Stardust Dragon, which inflicts only forty damage and two knockbacks.

The two weapons are separate items in many ways, from damages dealt, movements, and how to summon them. They also differ in modes of attack. Stardust Dragon destroys the enemy by flying through them, leaving behind a trail of their debris and sparkles. On the other hand, Terraprisma beats the bosses by cutting, spinning, and stabbing until it completely devours the enemy.

Initially, you must defeat the Empress of Light to drop and wield a Terraprisma, but you will have to craft the Stardust Dragon Staff using Stardust fragments to get the Dragon. You can effortlessly fight the bosses with either of the weapons. However, you will notice that Terraprisma will quickly destroy all the enemies in your vicinity, but it cannot reach those hiding on the other side of the blocks.

In contrast, the Stardust Dragon can penetrate blocks and defeat the hidden enemies despite being slightly slower than Terraprisma and its low damage. Moreover, note that each Dragon's body segment can cause different damage levels to an enemy. Stardust Dragon is a favorite among many players who know how it operates. After summoning, it is interesting how the Dragon behaves in the subsequent summons.

Instead of having numerous minions, the initial Dragon grows longer every time. Each new segment means an additional damage level, and with adequate bonuses, Stardust Dragon can take down all the enemies, including the Moon Lord boss. However, the weapon can also destroy entities that don’t want to dispatch, hence if you're going to leave others intact, it is advisable to direct it properly.

On the other hand, Terraprisma is equally a player’s go-to weapon given its massive damages and knockbacks on rivals. Unlike the Dragon, it spawns numerous weapons after each summon, forming a wing-like structure behind the character. Terraprisma has a tremendous damage per second rate among all the summon weapons, but the downside is that it doesn't penetrate through blocks hence has a limited range.

Despite having contradicting features, the two resources still have some common aspects. For instance, they are both complex mode weapons used by summoner class characters that kill tough bosses effortlessly with spectacular damages.

Additionally, the two items have Ruthless and Mythical Modifiers. These influence their stats with the modifiers affecting minions' behavior, but they also differ in knockback, where Mythical beats Ruthless modifier.

Is the Cell Phone Worth it in Terraria?

The need to have a Cell Phone also extends to Terraria, just like in reality. However, instead of spending cash to purchase one, you will have to go through a long and tasking crafting process to obtain it in the game. It makes a beginner wonder whether all this work is worth the time and effort.

The benefits of having a phone in Terraria make everything worth it, despite how much gamers complain about how tedious the process is. It is a versatile and handy item for players since it provides valuable information to the holder. It shows you your fishing power, moon phase, time, weather, speed, DPS, and other vital statistics.

For instance, you can use it to determine the number of kills you have made previously, how many enemies to expect, and the creatures and valuable items around you. Since you cannot otherwise find these features from any other entity, all your efforts to find the crafting items will be worth your time.

In the real world, a cell phone does a lot for the user, and surprisingly, the same applies to Terraria. Cell phones are an essential part of daily tasks, and most people have one to help make life easier. It is also one of the most coveted items to have for a player, given the lengthy crafting process that it needs. Instead of buying it, you must first acquire certain items then use them to make a Cell Phone.

It is one of Terraria’s most demanding crafting processes, given the number of base items to use. You will need to find the Magic/ Ice Mirror from chests Underground or the Ice Biome. Next, make GPS using gold or platinum by converting them into a watch combined with the Compass and Depth Meter.

You will also need the R.E.K 3000, Goblin Tech, and Fish Finder. Afterward, you can combine all these items and design a PDA on one of Tinkerer's workshops, then add a mirror, and you will have your Cell Phone. The seven crafting operations and thirteen items to use scares off many gamers, but its benefits make it worth trying. If you want to get it, note that you need patience, especially with some hard-to-find items.

Although you will always come across other components, a Metal Detector and Angler's quest objects are difficult to locate. However, these two are easier to find in Master or Expert mode because Nymphs usually drop them. If you want to enjoy all the information conveying the benefits of the phone for you and your teammates, you will have fun finding all the base items and finishing the crafting operations.

What Does the PDA Do in Terraria?

Terraria offers several tasks for players to enjoy. Therefore, if you know what you want to do and where to do it, you need a way to stay organized and consolidate all the necessary data. You can deploy the PDA if you want an elaborate system to do this.

The personal digital assistant (PDA) contains all the data regarding resources, items, tasks, quests, challenges, and other information you may want to inquire about in Terraria. It helps you craft items such as cell phones and finds the number of enemies in your vicinity who are yet to attack such that you can prepare adequately for combat.

You can also track the number of rivals killed and the rare foes living around. It further includes distances and speed you want to cover, time, weather, and fishing data. Additionally, you can locate treasures if you excavate for precious materials.

The PDA is a very vital accessory in Terraria since it contains all the crucial data you need to succeed in the game in a single slot. Once you tap it, the resource will open up having the necessary details.

For instance, you can tell whether to continue with the task or abort with information about your fishing power. Additionally, you will read all the data concerning your enemies, whether alive or dead and any damages they have suffered.

If you want to find valuable items, you can read their locations from the PDA and embark on your quest. The tool will also help you know what moon phase you are currently experiencing in Terraria because each stage is vital for certain events to occur; thus, prior understanding will help you prepare in advance. Time is also a necessary element since you can undertake some special quests during the day or night.

Therefore, prior knowledge about time will help you calculate your timing perfectly. Moreover, PDS will be handy in telling the weather to direct you to wear the right clothes according to the season.

Besides the above reasons, PDA is also crucial in crafting a Cell Phone, an excellent tool in presenting the information needed to maneuver in the game. The two items function the same but with slight variations. PDA shares data with team players in multiplayer mode like the Cell Phone and stays in the character's inventory.

Wrap Up

The Stardust Dragon, Stardust Cell, and Terraprisma are vital weapons that will go a long way in your gameplay. They will deal a lot of damages within a short time, and each has remarkable capabilities, unlike the others. Therefore, it is essential to know their differences to tell which is the better version to wield for exceptional circumstances.

If you want more significant damages within a short time, you can go for the Terraprisma, but your best bet is the Dragon if you are going for barrier penetration. However, the Cell will be crucial for multiple boss attacks. You will also find it necessary to have a Cell Phone since it gives you all the information you need to maneuver in the game. It is worth crafting regardless of how tasking the process is.



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