Terraria Tips (Drill vs Pickaxe, Cobalt, Iron, Mythril)

Terraria is an interesting action-adventure sandbox video game developed by Re-Logic available on Microsoft Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, macOS, Linux, and Nintendo. This video game involves exploration, mining, crafting, building, and fighting different enemies in a world created for your character. There are many tools you can use in Terraria, including drills and pickaxe, and if you have these tools in your inventory, you might wonder what the difference is between them.

So, what is the difference between a drill and pickaxe? A drill will only damage enemies when you attack them, while a pickaxe also has a knockback effect, meaning you can repel enemies while mining. Also, a drill is slow when mining items compared to a pickaxe. If you want to mine items faster, you should use a pickaxe. Some gamers select a drill for aesthetics since a drill has a cool appearance compared to a pickaxe.

In Terraria, you have to dig, fight, explore and build to survive in your world. To dig and fight, you need tools such as a drax, drill, hammer, and pickaxe to obtain the required materials.

You need certain tools to perform various tasks like mining, building, and exploration, among others. Some of the tools you can have in Terraria include pickaxes, drills, hammers, drax, and pick saw, among many others. If you have a drill and pickaxe, you might wonder what the difference between the two is.

A drill is much slower than a pickaxe when mining because they are not affected by melee-speed modifiers. When you attack an enemy using a drill, the enemy will only sustain damage. A pickaxe has a knockback effect meaning it will cause damage to an enemy as well as repel them when mining.

Drills also have different animation and sound when used in the game. Some gamers will select the drill for mining because it looks cool, hence sacrificing speed for aesthetics. You can only use a drill for one minute straight before it stops working. There are different variations of the pickaxe and drill, and their tier will determine which types of blocks they can mine.

In Terraria, certain mining tools like drills and pickaxes have a mining speed that determines how fast you can mine or break down items. The pickaxe has a faster mining speed compared to the drill; for example, a Cobalt pickaxe has a mining speed of 13 while a Cobalt drill has a mining speed of 7.

If you want to obtain items or break them faster, you should select a pickaxe. You should note that a tool’s mining speed is independent of how quickly it swings when your character uses it. Due to its animation, it might appear as if a drill is moving faster than a pickaxe’s swing, but it is still slow. As of Terraria 1.4, the only tool that you can modify the mining speed is the pickaxe.

When using a pickaxe to mine or break an item in Terraria, the swing will be the same no matter where you aim it. When using the drill, the aim will always follow the cursor. This is one of the reasons why some players use drills to mine items because it has a realistic appearance. However, it can be difficult to use the drill for precision mining since the cursor usually blocks part of the drill head. If you want to use a drill to mine without getting blocked, use a smart cursor.

Another difference between a drill and a pickaxe is you cannot use a drill for a long time without restarting it. If you use your drill for a minute without stopping, it will stop working, and you have to restart it to continue mining.

You should press the “Use/Attack” button on your controller to restart your drill. You do not have to restart your pickaxe, and you can use it to mine for as long as you want. The only things that will determine how efficient your pickaxe is are the amounts of hit required to mine or break an item and ticks per hit from low mining speed.

Where Can I Find Cobalt in Terraria?

When playing Terraria, you need to mine or collect certain items to craft a particular tool, weapon, or construction material. If you want to use Cobalt to craft a Cobalt tool or bar, you might be wondering where you can find it in Terraria.

You can find Cobalt Ore after breaking a Demon Altar in Hardmode Ore. Cobalt Ore will spawn in the lowest tier of the Hardmode Ore after breaking the altar, and more will spawn as you destroy more altars. Cobalt Ore will spawn at any depth in the Underground and Cavern layers. To mine Cobalt Ore, you need at least a molten pickaxe.

Sometimes when you break a demon altar, Palladium Ore might generate in place of Cobalt Ore; therefore, you should check before you start mining. You can use the Cobalt Ore to make Cobalt Bar and Cobalt Brick.

Demon Alters can be found in chasms in the Corruption underground, above ground, or in dungeons. As of Terraria 1.1, the developer has made it possible for players to destroy these altars with the Pwnhammer. You can also use a stronger hammer within a Hardmode world to destroy the altars. After destroying a Demon Altar, your world will be “blessed” with three of six new ores, which might include Cobalt.

If Cobalt Ore does spawn after destroying the first Demon Altar, keep destroying the altars until you get enough Cobalt Ore in your world to create all the Cobalt items you need. Do not attempt to break a Demon Altar with a weak hammer or in pre-Hardmode; if you do so, you will sustain half damage in your health, and the altar will remain unbroken.

You can use Cobalt Ore to craft Cobalt Bar or Cobalt Brick. To craft a Cobalt Bar, you need three Cobalt Ores and a furnace, and after obtaining Cobalt Bars, you can use them to create different Cobalt tools or weapons.

For example, if you want a Cobalt Helmet, you need ten Cobalt Bars to create one. Cobalt Breastplate and Cobalt Chainsaw are the only items that require crafting stations to craft. You need an Iron Anvil to craft Cobalt Breastplate and Lead Anvil to craft a Cobalt Chainsaw. To craft a Cobalt Brick, you should combine a Stone Block and Cobalt Ore in a furnace. You can use the Cobalt Brick to craft a Cobalt Brick Wall.

Some players usually mine items in Terraria to sell them or exchange them with other items they need but cannot find. Cobalt has the same value, whether it is a Bar or an Ore. Therefore, if you intend to sell the Cobalt Ore after mining it, there is no need to craft it into Cobalt Bar.

Sometimes Palladium Ore will spawn in your world instead of Cobalt Ore, and once Palladium Ore spawns in your world, Cobalt Ore will not spawn naturally in your world. You can continue mining the Palladium Ore and sell it because it is slightly valuable and tools and weapons crafted from Palladium Ore have slightly better stats.

Where Can I Find Iron in Terraria?

In Terraria, your world will contain massive amounts of ores containing different metals. Some ores are easy to find in Terraria, while others are hard to locate. If you need Iron to craft tools and weapons in Terraria, you might be wondering where you can find it.

You can find Iron Ore in all types of crates and underground. You can also find Iron Ore as a bonus drop from slimes. Iron Ore is one of the most important metals in Terraria because you need it to create useful items like chests, armor, and boss spawners, among others. You can use Iron Ore to create Iron Bars, Iron Bricks, or Ironskin Potion.

The equivalent of Iron Ore in Terraria is Lead Ore, and once it spawns in your world, Iron Ore cannot spawn naturally in your world. Even though Iron Ore is easy to find in Terraria, it can sometimes become scarce. You should always mine Iron Ore whenever you find it since you cannot know when you will run out of it.

Iron Ore is used in making Iron Bar, Iron Brick, and Ironskin Potion. Iron Bar is used to make Iron tools and weapons such as Iron Bow, Iron Axe, and Iron Fence, among others. You require a certain amount of Iron Bars to craft for each Iron tool or weapon. For example, if you want to craft an Iron Broadsword, you need eight Iron Bars.

To craft an Iron Bar, you need three Iron Ores and a furnace. If you want to craft an Iron Bar, you should get a Stone Block, an Iron Ore, and a furnace. You can use the Iron Brick to craft an iron Brick Wall.

Iron Ore is one of the metals that can be used to create a buff potion to increase your character’s defense. The Ironskin Potion is a buff potion that increases your defense by 8, reducing damage by four on PC, six on console and mobile, and eight on Nintendo Switch.

The Ironskin Potion lasts up to 8 minutes, but you can cancel its effects by selecting the Ironskin Potion icon and canceling it in the equipment menu. To create Ironskin Potion, you need Bottled Water Daybloom and Iron Ore. The Ironskin Potion is usually crafted in a Placed Bottle.

Where Can You Find Mythril in Terraria?

Mining is a key part of Terraria’s gameplay, and you need to know where to mine to find certain metals, or else you will be digging everywhere without any success. If you want to craft Mythril tools or weapons, you might be wondering where you can find Mythril in Terraria.

You can find Mythril Ore in the Cavern layer and most Hardmode Crates. Mythril Ore, which is a Hardmode Ore, will spawn in your world after destroying two of every three Crimson Altars or Demon Altars. Once you locate the Mythril Ore, you need a pickaxe with a minimum power of 110 to mine.

Therefore, you need to ensure you have a Cobalt or Palladium pickaxe or better. You can use the Mythril Ore to craft a Mythril Bar or a Mythril Brick. Orichalcum Ore might spawn instead of Mythril Ore when you destroy the Demon or Crimson Altar.

Mythril Ore is a little hard to find; therefore, ensure you mine enough to create all the tools and weapons when you locate a Mythril Ore. Once you mine the Mythril Ore, you can use it to craft Mythril Bars or Bricks.

To create a Mythril Bar, you need four Mythril Ores and a furnace. Once you get enough Mythril Bars, you can craft any Mythril tool or weapon you need. For example, if you need a Mythril Pickaxe, you need 15 Mythril Bars.

Some tools and weapons might require crafting stations like Iron or Lead Anvil and Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil. Sometimes you do not need to craft Mythril Bars because when exploring your world in Hardmode, you can find them within Mythril and Titanium Crates.

Sometimes it is difficult to see Mythril Ore in Terraria, especially when underground and in dark areas. Mythril Ore also bears a resemblance to other ores like Tungsten, and if you are not careful, you might mine the wrong ore.

If you are unsure if the ore you have located is Mythril, you can use a metal detector to confirm before mining it. Orichalcum Ore is the equivalent of Mythril Ore, and it can spawn in your world instead of Mythril Ore after destroying the altars. Some gamers prefer Orichalcum over Mythril because of its unique color hence easy to identify.


There are massive amounts of ores in Terraria, and sometimes it can be hard to find an ore to craft specific tools or weapons. During pre-Hardmode, some ores like Iron can be found easily and in large quantities. However, it is best to mine Iron Ore when you locate them to avoid scarcity of Iron Bars as the game continues.

Cobalt and Mythril Ores are Hardmode ores, and they can be difficult to find in your world. Mythril Ore may spawn in your world if you destroy Demon or Crimson Altars, but Cobalt will only spawn if you destroy a Demon Altar.

Also, you need specific tools to mine Hardmode Ores. You need a Molten pickaxe to mine Cobalt Ore and a Palladium or Cobalt pickaxe to mine Mythril Ore. Finally, the drill and pickaxe carry out the same function in Terraria; however, the pickaxe is the most efficient tool if you need to mine.



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