Terria Tips (Health, Hearts, Golden Hearts)

You must always prepare and deploy the right strategies to be the best Terraria player. One way to have the upper hand is to have as much health as possible and know how to increase the points and avoid damages.

So, how much health can you have in Terraria? You will start the game at 100 health, equal to five red hearts, but these points can gradually increase the more you obtain Life Crystals. Every crystal adds you additional twenty points, and this continues until you reach 400 points (20 hearts). You can also harvest Life Fruits to increase the gains to 500 using golden hearts and use the Lifeforce Potion to get 600 HP when your health increases by twenty percent.

Considering you will instantly die if your health drops to 0, it is best to acquire the maximum level of health and find ways to constantly replenish them when they run out to avoid this.

Maximum health stock improves your chances of living in Terraria; the more you have them, the lower your chances of dying. Many players wonder how much health a player can have and how to keep increasing the levels when they drop. The following are all the details you need about health in Terraria.

New players usually start with 100 health (5 red hearts) but can gradually increase this level by acquiring life crystals. Each crystal adds an extra 20 on the health reading, and this can progress until the player gets 400 or 20 hearts. The more you play, the easier you can turn the hearts to gold using Life Fruit that increases 5 health on each.

It means that you need twenty Life Fruits and fifteen Life Crystals to have twenty gold golden hearts. Therefore, these gold hearts can reach 500 health, but you can also extend it to 600 points if you have a Lifeforce Potion.

Health signifies your life count, and it shows using red hearts at the top corner of your screen. These hearts will form a streak for each additional health you get, that’s 20 points more. However, golden hearts are 25 HP each.

Your health will guide you through gameplay as you strategize on how many more hearts you need depending on your skills. Remember, the higher your current points, the faster your health regeneration.

You will likely lose health the more you encounter enemies as you play; fortunately, you can quickly regain the points. For instance, you can find a Nurse and pay her to help you heal and restore you depending on the damage extent. Alternatively, you can also use unique in-game items to recover your health. You will still regenerate after some time, provided you don't suffer any damages.

Luckily, the game also features some healing items that will give you powers of Potion Sickness for some seconds, but you cannot consume other debuff items while under the influence of another.

Additionally, you can improve your life regeneration using particular objects that increase health even when under attack. Life-draining items will further heal you according to how much enemy damage you cause.

Note that you can experience some events only if you attain specific health points. For instance, a Nurse will appear if you have gained 100 points while you need 140 to see the Slime Rains. Secondly, the Blood Moon will show up if you have 120 health, but you will need 200 to spawn the Eye of Cthulhu and cause Goblin Army to attack independently. Lastly, you can finally use the Life Fruit if you have an impressive 400 HP.

How Do Health Points Reduce in Terraria?

Terraria measures health points as a character’s strength. Every player, monster, and NPC gets health points, which usually increase or decrease with time. If you want to keep winning and staying alive, you should also know how to counter health reductions and maximize the gains.

Several scenarios will reduce your health and potentially kill you in Terraria. You can quickly lose HP if you contact explosives or weapons, touch Hellstone without using an Obsidian Horse Shoe or Skull, fall far away, or drop in shallow water.

You will also be in danger if you contact lava or a monster or projectile it has fired. Bosses and other monsters will also suffer health reduction if Fallen Stars hit them at night. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid these instances at all costs to maintain your health.

Terraria calculates a player's damage by deducting half the defense from Base damage. Essentially, divide the protection by 2, minus it from the entire damage points you have received, and the result will be your current health points. The health changes in Terraria will show for enemies and players with floating numbers after damage or hit.

Orange will appear when you strike an enemy, and it will be a darker shade if the damage is critical. Red digits, in contrast, symbolize player hits; green is for regained health while blue is for mana recovery. Note that the damage will not go below zero. If you have one damage level, besides fall that can go below zero, the points will gradually increase when you have a regeneration buff.

You can obtain this ability from objects like Campfires, Regeneration Potion, and Heart Lanterns. However, you will automatically die, which applies to monsters if your points decrease to zero. You get a penalty according to your preferred difficulty when you dispatch, and a tombstone will drop. Bosses and enemies dying gives you an advantage since they usually drop loots in the process.

Consequently, dying will reset your health points back to 100 regardless of the number of hearts you previously had. On the contrary, you can always retain your points when you respawn if you die from an explosion. Lastly, if another player kills you, you will not lose any coins, an essential feature that prevents player vs. player hunting.

What Is the Most Health You Can Have in Terraria?

Maximum health points in Terraria are essential for you as a character because they can unlock some otherwise inaccessible features of the game. This segment will give you all the answers you need if you are concerned about the most number of HPs that you can attain

The maximum permanent health level you can have in Terraria is 500, but you can stretch it to 600 HP momentarily. It is a gradual process until you top the health bar by accumulating items from the initial stages. First, you will initiate the game at five red hearts then collect Life Crystals to increase the bar to 400.

Next, you can harvest Life Fruits to improve the health capacity to 500. Finally, you can temporarily add more health to your character using the Lifeforce Potion, which will buff your health by twenty percent, making the overall points reach 600.

The Lifeforce Potion lasts about eight minutes, and the highest health points you can attain in Terraria is 500 unless you use it. Your character will automatically have five red hearts, equivalent to 100 health points. Going past this level will allow you to experience certain events that others with a lower health count cannot.

For instance, the Blood Moon will happen if you have at least 120 HP. You can also obtain a Life Crystal by crashing Crystal Hearts and using them to get additional twenty health points. Here, you can always fill the health bar up to the maximum of four hundred HP. Since each Life Crystal equals twenty health points, it means that fifteen of them will give you three hundred.

Adding this to the initial one hundred points gives you four hundred in total. You can now use the Life Fruit once your health bar reads 400. Life Fruits are in the Jungle in hard mode after destroying the Crimson Altar and beating the Wall of Flesh and Mechanical bosses. Using it increases the heart's capacity by five health each.

Therefore, with a maximum of twenty gold hearts, you get 100 health, maximizing it to 500. If you need extra health, you can push it temporarily to 600 using the Lifeforce Potion that you can loot from Shadow Chests or craft using Prismite, Bottled Water, Water Leaf, Moonglow, and Shiverthorn.

How Many Hearts Can You Have in Terraria?

One fun part about Terraria is that you can discover many hidden gems. Some are special and come with great perks, and you would want to know how many of them to expect during gameplay. Here is some information about the Heart Crystal if you are a fan.

There are several hearts in Terraria, but their number depends on the world you are playing in. There are around 40-45 of them in a large world, 20-30 in the small, and 30-35 in medium. Therefore, you can find more hearts if you have a larger world to explore. These crystals usually appear closely in twin bunches or a group of three, and they typically drop life crystals when they break or contact lava.

Heart crystals are red stones that you can find beneath the ground in the underworld or the Jungle, and they come with benefits. However, you can only expect less than 30 if you play in a small Terraria world. They will break then leave Life Crystals behind if they contact lava, and the crystals will also glow if you use Speluker Potion.

Secondly, one heart crystal will grant you 20 maximum health points. Finding heart crystals needs some skills, especially if you are a beginner in Terraria. Generally, they will spawn on silt, and you will find them floating around when you are mining in the sand. It doesn't usually hide behind other items, and you can spot only half the heart in some cases.

How To Get Golden Hearts in Terraria?

Hard mode in Terraria is quite challenging and risks acquiring damages urging you to find ways to regenerate your health. You need all the unique items you can get in the game, including those that your defeated enemies drop. The following is an elaborate way of finding Golden Hearts for your character, given how valuable they are.

To get golden hearts in Terraria, you will go to the Jungle and harvest Life Fruits to turn hearts in the health bar into gold. The number of icons you transform will depend on how many Life Fruits you use.

You will need a maximum of twenty of them to do this, and it implies that you can only have a maximum of twenty golden hearts in the health meter. Life Fruits are hard-mode plants from the Jungle, and they increase your character's health by five units besides helping you obtain golden hearts.

Life Fruits are the only items that convert hearts in the health bar into gold. Therefore, you must get to Life Flowers and harvest them. However, you will first defeat the mechanical bosses in the underground Jungle, and the more you kill, the more Life Fruits will grow in the Jungle grass. Each fruit you harvest will translate into five HPs as one of your heart icons transforms color to gold.

Note that the number of golden hearts you earn will correspond to how many life fruits you have. You can also obtain the golden hearts without necessarily killing any of the three mechanical bosses in the Jungle.

First, you can look around and use a Metal Detector to find the Life Fruits on the map. Alternatively, you can use a Clentaminator alongside the Dark Blue potion to spawn the Life Fruits on the ground, making it easier to collect them.

Once you have finished, you can use the Green Solution to teleport back to the Jungle. These options seem more convenient, but they are pretty risky, especially when the Planter's Bulbs spawn and the Planters resurrect. Therefore, it is advisable to use Life Fruits instead since they also have additional perks.


Any avid Terraria player will tell you how vital health points are in gameplay. The game even starts you off with 100 points to make it easier to pile up more. The more you gain Life Crystals, you can attain up to 400 health and use unique items like Life Fruits and Lifeforce Portion to advance to 500 then 600. You can also convert these hearts to gold.

To maintain these health points, it is advisable to always watch out for instances that will put you at risk of depleting your health. Excessive damages can quickly drain you and note that you will instantly die if the points reach zero.



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