Terraria Tips (Zombies, Demon Altar, Golem, Goblin Tinkerer)

Zombies are the most common surface enemies you will encounter in Terraria and building a shelter before night comes is advisable for you to remain safe. I understand that whether zombies can break doors in Terraria is a matter of concern that requires your attention.

So, can zombies break doors in Terraria? Zombies will repeatedly hit doors in their path but will not open them unless it is a Blood Moon. During the Blood Moon, the enemy’s spawn rate doubles; therefore, the Blood Zombies will spawn and open doors. However, Spore Zombies can open doors irrespective of the position of the moon.

Terraria can generate a huge world filled with monsters, dungeons, and zombies in a few seconds, which is why your safety is a priority. Knowing whether Zombies can break doors will enable you to take necessary precautions when they spawn.

Zombies will not break your doors. However, during the Blood Moon, when their spawn rate increases, they are likely to open your doors. For this reason, you should defend your house in such seasons. The Goblin Armies attack is another season you should be on high alert in addition to the Blood Moon.

The Blood Moon is a threat to any player, especially if new and inexperienced. During this period, zombies gain the ability to open doors and attack the buildings you have occupied. Goblin invasions are not as common as the Blood Moon, but they are more dangerous. The Goblin Sorcerer is the most annoying in this attack as he teleports all over, shooting through walls. Also, the Goblin Warrior can break down barriers, allowing the smaller Goblins to invade.

Given the risks in the above scenarios, you should protect yourself to ensure survival. One of the things you can do is go underground to avoid the increased spawn rate from the Blood Moon and the Goblin invasion.

Since Zombies can open doors, place a block on either side of your doors to keep them at bay. Also, you can put a torch or platform inside the door to prevent it from opening inwards. This way, you will manage to escape if need be. You can also build your house in the air to gain extra protection against Wraths in Hardmode. However, avoid building too high as this can attract Wyvern, which could be dangerous if it gets you off guard.

Building your door using Actuators, Active or Inactive Stone Blocks, and wiring it to a Pressure Plate is another useful technique. This is so since only players can trigger such a door. However, you should note that such a door does not count as one in NPC. Even then, it is effective against most enemies apart from those that may pass through the walls.

Digging deep pits in front of your door is another defense technique you would want to explore. The pit should be deep enough to jump out of, but its design should allow you to escape. With a well-built pit, only the Sorcerer and Demon eye can enter the house.

You can keep the Demon Eye at bay by constructing another door on the other side of the ditch. If zombies get into this pit, they will despawn after a long time of being offscreen such that you will not need to worry about risking your life to kill them.

Lastly, you can use sand defense by placing sand on the opposite side of the door such that it falls by gravity and damage any monster it lands on and closes the door. If you do sand defense repeatedly, you will safely deal with monsters that keep knocking on your doors.

Where Can I Find a Demon Altar in Terraria?

Locating the Demon Altar in Terraria is important if you want to create Slime Crown, Bloody Spine, Worm Food, Suspicious Looking Eye, and Night’s Edge. Therefore, where can you find the Demon Altar in Terraria?

The Demon Altar is Crimson Altars’ counterpart, located in Chasms in the Corruption and less often underground. Their easy location in the Corruption is due to the increased spawn rate and many caves in these areas. Other areas you can find this crafting station include the water, Dungeons, and above the ground.

A Demon Altar in Terraria will emit light, enabling easy spotting. However, you cannot pick it up, craft, or place an altar in this game. Thus, these altars are entirely from the world generation. As of version 1.1, you can destroy Demon Altars with the Pwnhammer.

These hammers drop from the Wall of Flesh. Each successful destruction blesses your world with three out of six new ores, including Orichalcum or Mythril, Palladium or Cobalt, and Adamantite or Titanium.

If you break altars, they will spawn in the order you break them. The resulting blessing will turn all types of blocks in your world that generate with the Pre-Hardmode ore into new ores and put a Pearlstone and Ebonstone block in the stone layer. Therefore, destroying more Altars means more of the new ores. However, the fourth altar will always spawn fewer ores than the preceding ones.

With the above benefits of destroying a Demon Altar, it is worth noting that you can only destroy using the Pwnhammer or any other strong hammer in the Hardmode world. Any attempt to do this with a weaker hammer or in Pre-Hardmode will cause damage equivalent to half your health but leave the altar unaffected.

What To Do After Golem in Terraria?

Golem is among the problematic bosses to defeat in Terraria. However, to kill this creature, you only need to take down its head and body, after which you move to the next assignment.

After Golem, you still have to be on the move in Terraria as more enemies will come up. For instance, the Cultists will spawn at the Dungeon’s entrance. Killing these cultists will summon the Lunatic Cultist and Lunar events as long as all respective conditions are in place.

Martian Probes will also begin spawning and, if uncontrolled, cause the Martian Madness event. Other activities include the Steampunker selling the Steampunk Wings and the Party girl selling the celebration.

With the above post-Golem activities in mind, the best way to start is by defeating Martian Madness before dealing with the rest of the bosses. The Martian Probe is a flying enemy commonly found in the space layer. This enemy can spawn anywhere but will not fly through blocks until it sees a player. Its appearance comprises a green light that turns red after detecting a player as it attempts to escape.

To get Martian Probes in Terraria, put down a water candle and wait in space. On the other hand, if you want to trigger the Martian Madness, you should not kill the Martian Probe. This way, it will be easier for you to spawn the Martian Madness.

When the Martian Probe sees a player or faces an attack, it will attempt to fly away. A successful escape will start the Martian Madness event. Destroying or following the Probe will prevent the Martian Madness event from starting.

Also, for the event to begin successfully, one of the players in the world should have 200 maximum health. As the invasion continues, a progress bar at the bottom bar of your screen will appear and fill as you defeat your enemies. When it reaches 100 percent, the event will end, and the enemies stop spawning.

The Martian Madness is among the difficult events in Terraria since its summoning needs a random spawn of a Probe. However, it will be easier for the event to occur with the right spawn platform. Since the Martian Probe dictates spawning, you should avoid chasing it when it detects you lest it despawns.

The lunatic Cultist is another post-Golem boss you will want to pursue. Defeating this boss initiates the lunar events in Terraria. After destroying the four Celestial Pillars, the Moon Lord will spawn, and the Cultists respawn, enabling the player to combat the Lunatic Cultist and trigger lunar events. The Lunatic Cultist, unlike other bosses, does not drop weapons. Instead, it will drop the Ancient Manipulator, which is useful in crafting endgame items.

Finally, unlike other NPCs, the party girl has random chances of spawning at 2.5%, after which they start selling furniture and novelty items. There should not be any other NPC waiting for the party girl to spawn, and an empty house should be available.

After her death, she will respawn at this random chance. The party girl can perform several functions, including defending herself against enemies using Happy Grenades. During the natural party, she will give a slice of cake to the first player who will talk to her.

The Steampunker is also a vendor in the game and, like the party girl, will appear after a player defeats a mechanical boss and there is a vacant house for her to stay. In her defense, she will attack her enemies using High-Velocity bullets and Clockwork Assault Rifle.

Where Can I Find the Goblin Tinkerer in Terraria?

The Goblin Tinkerer sells unique items in Terraria and provides the Reforge function. For this reason, many players want to access him, but you have to go through a few steps to do so. I will help you know where you can find this NPC and enjoy the above benefits.

First things first, finding the Goblin Tinkerer requires you to defeat a Goblin Army in your current world. You can defeat this army by summoning a Goblin Battle Standard. At first, he will appear bound, and you should talk to him while in this state to restore his freedom. After this, he will respawn as long as a vacant house is available.

Once you defeat the Goblin Army, finding the Goblin Tinkerer will be much easier. The Goblin Tinkerer can be anywhere in your world. Some of the areas you may want to check include the Dungeon, Underground Jungle, Underground, and Underworld. According to most players, the Goblin Tinkerer is mostly in the Dungeon as this area is relatively easy to navigate.

In order for the Goblin Army to spawn, it has to be daytime, and you should have already defeated a Crimson Heart or Shadow Orb. Also, you or another player in your world should have 200 health or more, and there should not be an ongoing Goblin invasion on the same ground.

For your game settings, ensure that the Autopause setting is off. If this setting is on, you will likely experience issues when you right-click on Goblin Tinkerer, making it difficult to use the Reforge option or buy unique items from them.

No matter where you find the Goblin Tinkerer, the next step should be untying him. You can do this by right-clicking on him, after which you will access his shop and the Reforge option. The Goblin Tinkerer shop will have several items on sale, including a Spiky Ball, Rocket Boots, toolbelt, ruler, Tinkerer’s workshop, and a grappling hook.

Lastly, using the Goblin Tinkerer’s reforge option enables you to randomize the modifier, a preferred weapon or accessory. Reforging costs a third of the item’s current value and will make the weapon or accessory better or worse than its original state. This cost can vary depending on the current modifier and Goblin Tinkerer’s happiness. To decrease the cost, you should equip a Discount Card or Greedy Ring.


Terraria features many enemies, some of which are stronger than others, which you should conquer to stay alive. Zombies are one of the enemies in the game and will hit doors in their path repeatedly but will not open them unless it is a Blood Moon. During this event, their spawning rate increases, requiring you to reinforce your door security.

Also, if you want to create Slime Crown, Bloody Spine, Worm Food, and Suspicious Looking Eye in Terraria, you need to find the Demon Altar. Some of the areas you can explore to locate the Demon Alter include Chasms in the Corruption and in the underground world.

Finally, after Golem, you should focus on your enemies, including the Lunatic Cultists and Martian Probe, who influence the lunar and Martian Madness events, respectively. Finally, to find the Goblin Tinkerer and access the unique items he sells and the Reforge settings, you should defeat a Goblin Army in your current world.

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