Vermintide 2 Level Up Fast and Max Levels (Tips and Tricks)

Playing Vermintide 2 is fun, as you watch your character level up and gain more power, better weapons, and improved combat skills and abilities. The improved skills and better weapons are important in joining teams from missions that require certain weapons or character levels. If you have been playing Vermintide 2 for some time and need your character to level up, you might be looking for ways to level up faster.

So, what is the fastest way to level up in Vermintide 2? The fastest way to level up in Vermintide 2 is to speedrun the “Screaming Bell” mission on the “Veteran” difficulty. If you are familiar with the map, you can run through the mission in eight minutes, an experience that increases your level. Another way to level up faster in Vermintide 2 is to collect tomes and grimoires during missions.

Having a powerful and skillful team can also help you level up faster. Experience points earned by each character depend on how many tomes and grimoires the team has collected, how far your team got in the mission, and the number of players still alive after ending the mission successfully.

The level of your character is very important to the success of your team in Vermintide 2. Your character in Vermintide 2 gets better as it progresses through the levels when you successfully finish missions.

Read on to find out the fastest way to level up in Vermintide 2, the maximum level in Vermintide 2, what a power level in Vermintide 2 is, and how to increase weapon power in Vermintide 2.

When you start playing Vermintide 2, your character starts at level 1, and as you play missions, you will acquire experience points that help progress your character to the next level. Higher levels help unlock new items, and if you need better weapons or armor, you might be looking for ways to level up your character on Vermintide 2.

One way to level up faster in Vermintide 2 is to speedrun the “Screaming Bell” mission when your character gets to the “Veteran” difficulty. In the “Screaming Bell” mission, your character will gain the same amount of experience points even if you do not complete the mission.

You have to play the “Screaming Mission” several times to gain enough experience points to move your character from one level to the next. Other ways of leveling up faster in Vermintide 2 include playing with a great team, collecting tomes and grimoires, and finishing the missions in order.

Vermintide 2 is a cooperative game, and how your teammates play the game can impact your character. If you join a team of players who do not know how to play Vermintide 2, chances of successfully finishing a mission diminish.

The number of experience points earned by each character at the end of each mission depends on how far your team reached in a mission, the number of players alive at the end of a successful mission, and the number of tomes and grimoires collected.

A team composed of skillful and experienced players might reach the end of a mission with many players and lots of tomes and grimoires. Therefore, if you want to level up faster, ensure you join a team with experienced players.

Tomes and Grimoires are a key part of every mission, and players need to collect them before they complete a mission. Experienced players know where to find tomes and grimoires and if you do not, playing the game with experienced players who know where to find them is a good way to learn.

Each mission has three tomes and two grimoires hidden in specific places on the map. When you collect the tomes and grimoires, they add extra experience points when you complete the mission.

Do not play with bots if your objective is to collect tomes and grimoires, since bots do not pick up tomes and grimoires; hence if you do not know where they are, none of the bots in your team will help you find them.

What’s the Max Level in Vermintide 2?

Vermintide 2 is a progression game where your character’s level increases as you complete missions and other activities. The levels also play an important role in the gameplay, and many players strive to reach the maximum level in Vermintide 2. If you have been playing Vermintide 2 for a while, you might be wondering what the maximum level your character can reach in the game is.

The maximum level in Vermintide 2 is level 35. After this, your character gets experience points on all missions completed. When you are playing as a level 35 character, you will get a commendation chest for each additional level up.

The commendation chest will include loot or equipment that you can use to complete missions. At level 35, your character will have the best weapons, armor, and maximum hero power. However, after level 35, your hero power will remain the same throughout the game.

It takes a lot of gaming hours for a player’s character to reach level 35. You have to participate in many missions, collect tomes and grimoires and defeat all the lords. But some gamers would quit the game or start to play fewer hours after level 35 because of the reduced rewards.

You cannot unlock further talents after level 35; hence, your characters’ powers remain the same throughout the game. All players who have reached level 35 have completed all thirteen missions many times; hence doing the missions again can become boring. If you feel like you might get bored after reaching the maximum level, then try not to reach the highest level within the shortest time possible.

Some gamers in Vermintide 2 try to use cheat codes and trainers to reach level 35 in the shortest time and gain all the other achievements without using a lot of effort. The developers of Vermintide 2 do not permit cheating, and if you are caught cheating, you will be banned from playing Vermintide 2 again.

When you purchase Vermintide 2, ensure that you read the developer’s Anti-Cheat Policy and know what to do if your account is banned or suspended because of using cheat codes and trainers. However, the developers of Vermintide 2 allow the use of mods as long as they do not violate any game’s terms of use.

Earning your Level 35 is very important because you spend a lot of time playing the game, and other players would always invite you to join their teams or join your team. Some Vermintide 2 players will shun gamers who have been found using cheats and trainers when playing the game.

Few players will play with a cheat because they are unsure if they can play the game well if the cheats are disabled. When players go up against the Chaos Army and the Skaven, they want a level 35 character with real experience by their side, not a level 35 teammate with no experience.

What Is a Power Level in Vermintide 2?

When you are playing Vermintide 2, certain terms are used in the gameplay and the game’s setting. Understanding what the terms mean could help you in defeating the enemies and completing missions. One of the terms commonly used in Vermintide 2 is power level, and if you are unsure what it means, you might be looking for its correct meaning.

Power level in Vermintide 2 refers to the power assigned to a certain item when you open a chest or craft an item. The power level ranges between 5 and 300, and it is determined by the average power level of the most powerful items you have found in the chest.

The power level is important in Vermintide 2 because it determines how much damage your weapon can inflict in one swing and how many enemies you can hit with one swing. Therefore, when you go on a mission in Vermintide 2, ensure that you only take weapons with the highest power level.

When you find a chest and open it, the power level of the items inside the chest will vary depending on your character’s level and difficulty level. When you reach “Legend” difficulty, you will start to find items with power levels between 200 and 250. The missions available when your character has reached the “Legend” difficulty are very hard to complete.

The enemies are tougher, more aggressive, and attack in large numbers. The Lords are also difficult to kill, and it can take your team longer to finish the game. The game provides you with weapons with high power levels, making your attacks more effective.

Power level goes hand in hand with hero power. As hero power increases, the power level will also increase. At the start of the game, you will have a minimum hero power of 12, and after reaching the maximum level, your character will have a maximum hero power of 650. As you continue playing Vermintide 2, your character will level up, and the difficulty level will also increase.

Hero power will determine what kind of missions your character can do; hence always check your difficulty level before joining a team. Vermintide 2 has four difficulty levels which are “Recruit,” “Veteran,” “Champion,” and “Legend.”

How Do You Increase Weapon Power in Vermintide 2?

Vermintide 2 is a first-person action game requiring a gamer to control a character who fights enemies throughout the missions. The characters have various weapons such as guns, explosives, spears, swords, hammers, daggers, and maces. The weapons have different power levels that determine their effectiveness; therefore, if you want an effective weapon, you might be looking for ways to increase your weapon power.

To increase weapon power in Vermintide 2, the first thing you should do is max your chest “income.” The more items you uncover from the chests, the more weapon power you get. The next thing you should do is keep track of the item’s power as you open chests. Ensure that you only keep items with high power in the individual slots.

Start crafting your items using your old items with low power until you finish all the supplies. Finally, when your level character reaches a high level, start going on missions regularly and collecting chests. When you open those chests, you will always find items with more than 250 power level.

When you complete a mission in Vermintide 2, your character will get chests that contain random items such as weapons. You can also get chests by leveling up and doing quests and challenges. The more you play, the more chests you get, affecting your power level. When you get many chests, ensure that you keep track of the weapons you get after opening the chests.

Do not fill your slots with low-level weapons because they are not effective against powerful enemies. You can craft a new item with more power, and it will take up the space occupied by an item with a low power level.

When you reach high difficulty levels such as “Champion” and “Legend,” you can start crafting your items or completing missions to find more chests. When your character reaches a high level, the missions, quests, and challenges become difficult; you need better equipment to defeat the enemies. You will get many items with close to 300 power level, making your character’s attacks more potent.

You can also craft weapons with high power level using the supplies from the chests. You should note that weapons that are orange are more effective than those that are blue or green. Therefore, do not keep blue or green items even if they have high-level power. It is better to have a lower power orange item with good traits and properties than to have high-power blue or green items.


Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is a great first-action multiplayer game you and your three friends can enjoy defeating the Chaos Army and Skavens. If you want to succeed in any mission, you need to be good in combat and have the most effective weapons. The power levels of your equipment will increase as you level up in the game.

As you reach the maximum level, you can find items with the highest power levels in the chests or craft the items yourself. While it is important to have weapons with the highest power levels, it is also important to know how to use them.

You can always train on using weapons in Vermintide 2 by creating a private lobby where you can fight enemies with bots as your teammates. After perfecting your swings and blocks, you can join or create a team and complete missions for loot and other items.

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