War Thunder vs World of Tanks: Here’s what you need to know

Developers released World of Tanks over a decade ago, while the War Thunder is five years old. However, fans of both titles are constantly arguing over which is the better version. I will help you find out the details about both games, their similarities, differences, strengths, and weaknesses.

So, what’s the difference between War Thunder vs. World of Tanks? World of Tanks (WoT) allows more room for modifications and crew manipulation and has straightforward gameplay while War Thunder (WT) is more flexible in terms of vehicle choice, offers the highest realism, and has the best damage details. However, the titles seem to have a lot in common, other than their excellent mechanics and graphics. Therefore, the game you incline more to will only be a matter of preference.

Many players are often undecided about which game they should buy between War Thunder and World of Tanks. They want to understand what’s best in terms of gameplay, graphics, machinery, mechanics, accessories, and so much more.

Most current games in the market have excellent graphics, and the developers keep making updates to make them even better. Appearance is one of the deciding factors before you settle for a favorite; therefore I researched to find out how both games look on screen.

Both games have excellent graphics based on features like water interaction; therefore, your choice depends on your preferences. The backgrounds are also quite similar because you will notice extras minding their business.

However, one difference is that WoT has details like the live sky where clouds move and cast shadows on the ground. On the contrary, In WT, the sky seems lower, and the clouds aren’t that visible.

World of Tanks has a cartoonish design, while War Thunder has attention to details like the impression of stains on your tank that wash off by moving water. Both games’ most incredible graphic aspect is how the vehicles progress and the side waves during attacks.

When they resurface, the water glides over the tanks, making the titles quite realistic. Additionally, you may also notice color changes when the tanks are wet or dry. A while back, WT had better graphics, but WoT soon caught up, closing the gap.

What’s the Difference in Regard to Vehicles Between War Thunder and World of Tanks?

You will have more fun gaming if the title has several vehicle types at your disposal. If you like to challenge yourself, let’s find out which game offers you variety.

WoT seems to focus a lot on tanks, and there are hundreds of types available depending on your needs. If you prefer using planes, there is a different version called World of Planes. WT, in contrast, has different types of vehicles stretching to aviation and navy missions.

As a result, it is more diverse and allows for different gameplay. War Thunder seems to win this given the number of arms and other vehicle types, especially if you love experimenting.

Both games offer various vehicles from light, medium, heavy, and destroyers. The light versions are usually faster but barely have armor, and their specialty is luring and checking out enemies. Medium tanks are also relatively quick and can call for backup but are comparatively critical for battle and are armored.

On the other hand, the heavy tanks are slower but great at taking fire and dealing damages, thanks to the high-caliber weapons. Lastly, tank destroyers are the most lethal and accurate. The tanks in both games have incredible combat skills, but WT has the advantage of placing tanks and planes in the same place.

What’s the Difference Between War Thunder and World of Tanks in Terms of Game Modes?

An essential aspect of War Thunder and World of Tanks is that they offer some of the most exhilarating gameplay. However, you would want to know what you are signing up for before you settle for one.

WoT and WT may be in the same game genre but have different systems. For instance, WoT has various battle categories, including stronghold clan, training, and random (Encounter, Grand battle, Assault, and Standard).

In contrast, War Thunder comes in single (PvE, PvP) and multiplayer, and you will need special weapons for the different game modes. Additionally, WT allows for selection of difficulty and is, therefore, more flexible to play.

In WT, PvP has Dynamic and Historical campaigns while PvE has Individual Missions. The aim is to relive WW2 battles, and, for these, you will need unique equipment. The game also lets you pick realism, simulation, or arcade game mode; therefore, unlike WoT, War Thunder is more versatile. Besides, for War Thunder, you are free to pick your favorite tank or plane as long as you are skilled in it.

What’s the Difference Between the Maps of War Thunder and that of World of Tanks?

Combat wargaming titles usually come with a map to guide gamers in their missions. Like any other battle, the map gives you a sense of direction and makes the gameplay more effortless, but how is the map layout for both games?

The map structures for WT and WoT are pretty different since they have unique game modes and vehicles. In World of Tanks, the mission involves tanks only; therefore, the maps tend to be small. Gamers will easily cross paths, and you should always be ready for a confrontation. However, War Thunder involves tanks alongside airplanes; therefore, there is a relatively wide field to use. Based on this system, maps in WT are larger to cater to the use of airspace.

War Thunder’s large area of interest may be thoughtful since it includes the planes, but some tank wargamers often complain that they don’t have an excellent combat experience. If the map is more extensive, then there are low chances of altercations, and even when the vehicles meet, the attacks are usually at long range.

Luckily, the developers heed these concerns and set up combats with smaller maps exclusive for Tank battles. Thus, if the extensive itinerary isn’t exciting for you, you can always go for this system.

What’s the Difference Between World of Tanks’ Crew and the Crew of War Thunder?

The tanks in both games cannot function without a crew as every member has a special duty towards the mission. If one or more members go down, it will have a significant effect on the tank such and if the entire crew gets injuries, then the tank drops.

Both games have almost the same crew classification, but there are slight differences in their capabilities. For instance, in WT, you can easily upgrade your crew, and you won’t interfere with your chosen skill sets even when you use a different vehicle. However, in WoT, when characters get training, they can forget some previous skill sets. Additionally, WoT allows you to change personal data whenever you want, unlike in WT.

Both games have a commander, gunner, radio operator, and loader. The commander leads the other members and is liable for their performance. On the other hand, the gunner is responsible for aiming and shooting while the driver is in charge of maneuvering. Lastly, the Radio operator speaks with other crews and tells the opponents’ position as the loader provides more weapons when they get depleted.

What’s the Difference Between World of Tanks’ Mechanics and that of War Thunder?

The developers create the tanks in WoT and WT to have remarkable capabilities to make gameplay more enjoyable. All the vehicle parts have sets of instructions for attack and maneuver when an enemy approaches. Let’s see how distinct these capabilities are.

Both titles have the same attack angles, shield thickness, weapon penetration, and recoil magnitude. However, one distinction is the impact trajectory. In WoT, gamers only aim and time shots, but, for WT, you must carefully calculate the distance. WoT is much more straightforward, but WT can also be a great choice if you want a more significant challenge.

World of Tanks involves shooting the enemies to reduce their health. Still, in War Thunder, the engine has to determine several complex factors like armor penetration and the extent of damage of the enemy tank.

In WT, it’s not enough to shoot down a tank. You must also set it ablaze or dispatch the crew. Therefore, it’s a personal choice whether you will incline to the health points gameplay or the realistic but more complex system.

What’s the Difference Between World of Tanks’ Aiming System and that of War Thunder?

War Thunder and World of Tanks have been in existence for quite some time now, with WoT being the oldest. However, players are still uncertain about the title with the best build and playstyles. To bring out the difference, let’s discuss the two games’ aiming systems.

The two titles differ on how to aim when attacking your enemy. In War Thunder, you can fight an opponent from a distance and still get accurate strikes. By positioning yourself away from the rival tank, the machines slow down a bit for you. However, World of Tanks requires close combat that will require you to maximize speed, timing, tactics, and coordination since you are dealing with a close-range enemy.

In War Thunder, the low mobility will enable you to hit your enemy from a distance while accounting for velocity, gravity, and distance drop-offs. On the other hand, WoT will give you a similar realism irrespective of the tank you use, but there are several factors to consider in your gameplay.

What’s the Difference Between World of Tanks’ Premium Accounts and that of War Thunder?

Upgrades come with remarkable benefits to enhance your gaming. For a superior experience, you can either collect points, purchase a top-of-the-range weapon, upgrade your crew, or modules.

For starters, WT offers you +50% Silver Lion in optional game modes, a +100% Silver Lion reward in random battles, and a research bonus in all games. In contrast, in WoT, the premium accounts offer you more powerful ammunitions, x3 multiplier, and XP modifier +50% credit that goes up to 750,000 a week. You can also get an improved crew and combat tactics and three premium missions per day, plus other exciting properties.

Both games are available in the free-to-play options, but there are certain contents that you need to buy. WT and WoT have different premium accounts, and upgrading is one source of income that still offers you gaming points. Furthermore, the more points you have, the better you rank in tank quality since you can acquire the more powerful ones.

What’s the Difference Between World of Tanks and War Thunder in Terms of Development?

Many video games suffer a few hiccups in the long run, forcing players to complain about their development. However, the creators of WT and WoT also have their unique ways of tackling such issues.

For World of Tanks, the game’s development crew is quite welcoming and has a great relationship with the clients. They respond to questions and complaints, such as the changes on the map and other minor issues.

On the contrary, some gamers complain that Gaijin, the brains behind War Thunder, doesn’t have a harmonious co-existence with their gamers’ community in handling criticism. It seems that the customer service is below average, stopping players from reporting bugs experienced while gaming.

What’s the Difference Between World of Tanks and War Thunder in Terms of Modifications?

There are several types of modifications that you can put on your game for particular effects. WT and WoT have various settings that you can make to set the game to your taste, and some of these changes will add value to your playstyle.

WoT has more room for improvements, such as adding minutia to the tank and changing the penetration appearance. On the other hand, WT has the Content Development Kit (CDK), personalizing content such as locations and missions. Similarly, WoT has Extended Visualization Mod (VXM), a device that transforms game interface and functionality at no extra cost.

What’s the Difference Between World of Tanks and War Thunder in Terms of Battle Rating and Rank Improvements?

Moving from one rank to the other is quite gradual in both games unless you buy upgrades to the next level. Otherwise, you’ll have to play your way through the subsequent stages. Let’s discuss the improvements in WT and WoT games.

War Thunder is different from WoT since every combat unit has its rating. Jumping from one rank after improvement is similar in both games: it’s an event known as the tech tree. Like WoT, WT rates its combat from number 1 to 10 and uses it in-game rather than the tank ranks. However, World of Tanks accounts for ratings when requesting a battle.

The machines are in tiers, ranging from 1-10, and they ascend from the weakest to the most robust. You’ll have to fight severally and earn gold to buy better equipment or obtain experience points to access the adjacent level. In WoT, if you rank 5th, you can only fight two ranks away from your position; hence, you are compatible with the 3rd and 7th rated tanks.

Wrap Up

Generally, both War Thunder and World of Tanks are amazing war games, making it tough to pick a favorite. They both have impressive graphics, almost the same gameplay, type of crew, and special effects. You will have fun playing both or any of them, and the decision is a personal preference.

If you are going for combat action, fast-paced gaming, and a high adrenaline rush, then you can go for the World of Tanks. On the other hand, if you love realism and a game with close attention to detail, then your favorite may be War Thunder. Either way, these two are some of the best that wargaming has to offer.

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