Illusions In Vermintide 2 (Here’s what you need to know)

Vermintide 2 is a fast-action game designed and published by Fatshark. It is a sequel to Warhammer: End Times, a game released in 2015. Vermintide 2 has a wide range of exciting features, including illusions.

So, what is an illusion in Vermintide 2? Illusions in Vermintide 2 are cosmetic enchantments found on weapons. There is a wide range of illusions, with each of them unlocked depending on the level of the game. Weapons with illusions in Vermintide 2 will show a unique appearance and weapon skills. It is important to note that each weapon has different types of illusions. Therefore, you have the freedom to explore various illusions and choose your favorite one.

Set in the wartorn Warhammer fantasy fictional universe, Vermintide 2 is a very exciting game to play. Players team up with other players to battle the deadly Chaos army and rat-men known as Skaven.

Illusions in Vermintide 2 are cosmetic enchantments found on weapons. They make your weapon look more attractive and captivating. Some illusions also add a protective layer to your weapon, limiting the damage sustained on a battlefield. Therefore, it is important to know the essence of illusions in Vermintide 2 and their impact on the game.

Typically, illusions in Vermintide 2 are tied to the type of weapon you have. For instance, the Great Axe can have specific illusions that only apply to it. In Vermintide 2, every character has two primary types of illusion for each weapon (for Bardin, it is Warriors and Beardlings). There are also unique names for each of these illusions.

Furthermore, some illusions only appear on red weapons; they have a teal glow and possess unique names. You might also notice that some illusions appear almost the same as the game’s default skin. Besides, others share names with their default weapons. Therefore, when choosing an illusion, you need to know its name and the weapon it is found.

Illusions in Vermintide 2 are typically a complicated way to say “weapon skins.” They allow you to remove skins from a weapon and maintain its natural appearance. This is possible even without purchasing another weapon or upgrading it. In Vermintide 2, each weapon has several skins that you can spawn once you obtain the weapon.

Any weapon with an illusion attribute means you can remove its skin and replace it with another. For instance, if you wish your ax was a two-sided sword or fancy a flails’ look, you can choose an illusion and apply the new items to give it your preferred appearance. Remember that illusions are not meant to upgrade your weapon; instead, they only enhance its appearance. This can be an excellent option, especially for gamers that like customizing characters.

It is important to note that illusions are only found in earned weapons and cannot be crafted. In most cases, illusions are characterized by a purple color and “Illusion” below the weapon’s name. You can also extract illusions from one of the items at a forge.

Are you still wondering how you can access the forge? If so, enter your inventory and navigate to the “crafting” tab under the Keep folder. This folder will give you access to different types of illusions. However, you must have unlocked their parent weapons to use them.

Some gamers wonder if you can use an illusion on a different weapon other than the designated one. The truth is you can only use an illusion on the specified weapon. The fact that each weapon has two illusions gives you different options.

You can also customize an illusion and create a unique weapon skin. However, it is important to note that some weapon skins might fail to apply, especially if you haven’t unlocked the parent weapon. You must unlock the parent weapon first to access illusions.

Some gamers find it challenging to locate their preferred illusions because illusions are generally a new feature on Vermintide 2. If you have this problem, make sure that you have unlocked the right weapons. The chances are that you are not finding your favorite illusions because you haven’t unlocked their parent weapons yet. If you have unlocked the right weapon, try finding its illusions through the crafting system.

How Do Use Illusions in Vermintide 2?

The fact that Vermintide 2 has the illusions feature makes it an exciting game. However, some gamers wonder how you can use illusions in Vermintide 2.

To use illusions in Vermintide 2, you must ensure that your weapon doesn’t have any; then, go to the “apply illusion” tab in the crafting section to start using your illusion. Doing so will change your weapon skin, giving it a unique appearance and design.

As much as illusions help enhance the appearance of your weapon, it doesn’t upgrade it or give it any new capabilities. Therefore, if you want to upgrade your weapon, you change it. It is important to know how to use illusions in Vermintide 2 and choose the best one for your weapon.

In most cases, illusions are moved between a wide range of objects in the forge. Even though that is possible, the crafting section of Vermintide 2 is not intuitive. The menu is also quite confusing because it has very small characters that might be hard to identify. Gamers who don’t have time to fiddle around and figure out the way forward might find the game very confusing.

Upon opening the forge menu and selecting the crafting table, you will get a pop-up message on your screen that reads 1/7. Below the message, you will see two small buttons labeled “Next” and “Previous.” Logically, you are supposed to navigate the Spartan menu by constantly changing the numbers on the screen using the “Next” and “Previous” buttons.

With the poorly labeled crafting menu, most gamers don’t explore the forge. As a result, most gamers only enjoy the game with its default weapons, not bothering to change their appearance or upgrade. There are several numbers used to choose seven different tabs for crafting purposes. These numbers are not clearly labeled, and you won’t know their designated crafting pages.

Therefore, you should click Next until you reach the sixth screen. The sixth screen is labeled “Extract Illusions.” Upon reaching this screen, you can extract different illusions from the provided object. It will cost you around 20 rejects to extract an illusion. In case you don’t have sufficient rejects, you need to destroy unwanted objects to earn them. After acquiring an illusion, the next step is using it on your weapon.

To do so, press the Next button until you reach the seventh screen that says “Apply Illusion.” At this point, you can apply the illusion to any designated weapon in your inventory to create a new appearance. If you want to alter your new illusion, you should navigate to the crafting tab.

This tab gives you access to the salvage screen, which helps you utilize various illusions. In most cases, illusions are designed according to the nature and color of the weapon. Given that each weapon has two illusions, you can customize them to your preferences. It would help if you utilized the crafting tab by clicking on Next till you reach the last tab.

While illusions help enhance the appearance of your weapons, they can also impact the game’s flow. When you have too many illusions saved up, you are likely to experience hitches. The game could hang regularly and fail to respond to inputs. In that case, you need to delete some data to create space for memory.

The type of device you use to play your game can also affect the game flow. Devices with limited memory capacity can slow down the game and cause interruptions. This is why you are encouraged to use devices with sufficient storage capacity. Doing so will help enhance your experience on Vermintide 2.

Are Illusions Reusable or Single Use in Vermintide 2?

Illusions help enhance the appearance of weapons in Vermintide 2. With them, you can customize your favorite weapons and create a unique identity. Most gamers wonder if illusions in Vermintide 2 are reusable or single-use.

Illusions in Vermintide 2 are reusable. This means you can use them several times when playing the game. However, it is important to note that your usage of illusions in Vermintide 2 depends on the crafting system. The ability to reuse illusions on these platforms relies on the effectiveness of the crafting system. For that reason, it is important to know how the crafting system affects illusion usability in Vermintide 2.

Generally, Vermintide 2 is more sophisticated and advanced compared to its predecessor. Even though some gamers expressed their disappointments with some of the game’s new features, Vermintide 2 has plenty of exciting features like the ability to craft your weapon. You can do so using illusions in the game’s crafting system. The fact that the game has illusions creates an exciting way of using weapons.

Given that the crafting system determines the reusability of Illusions, you need to ensure that it is correctly tweaked. To reuse some of your Illusions, you must access the Home Base available under the forge menu. Remember that the forge menu in Vermintide 2 is quite different from that in the previous game. This menu gives you the ability to scrap items and redesign your weapon skins. With it, you can choose a new weapon skin or reuse an existing illusion.

Furthermore, you will be able to upgrade your weapons and reroll existing properties. All this is possible thanks to the game’s crafting system. As you progress, you will unlock more weapons and illusions. For instance, you can unlock Blacksmithing Patterns for all of your weapons.

You can also unlock such patterns for Necklaces, Trinkets, and Charms. It is essential to note that weapons in Vermintide 2 are unlocked per character. Besides, you can craft various items and upgrade them whenever you feel it is necessary. This is where you need some tips and tricks on how to bring out the best of your weapon skin and illusion.

If you want a more powerful weapon, you should get a new one altogether. This is because upgrading an existing weapon doesn’t give it new powers. Alternatively, you can unlock a new character that comes with new weapons and illusions.

You are also encouraged to raise your weapon power to 200 because it will give you enough Blacksmithing Patterns to create a craft of your preference. This is helpful, especially if you plan on reusing an existing illusion.

Navigate to the crafting menu and browse through the available illusions to reuse an existing illusion on another weapon. Then, choose your favorite one and click on apply. This will instantly change the appearance of your new weapon.

The crafting menu also allows you to put all items together and destroy them in exchange for new materials. However, it is important to note that there are very few weapons you can craft by destroying the existing items. Nonetheless, scraping these items will give you crucial bonuses that you can use to unlock new weapons and illusions.

Once you have acquired sufficient items, you can use them to craft new illusions for your weapons. You can obtain new proprieties by destroying existing items. However, this is not recommended because it is a waste of existing resources. This is because some of your current materials can be rare and hard to come by. Therefore, you should find ways of acquiring new materials without destroying existing ones. This will go a long way in safeguarding your resources.

Wrap Up

Designed and published by Fatshark, Vermintide 2 is a fast-action game that is exciting to play. The game has exciting features, including the recently introduced illusions. Illusions in Vermintide 2 are cosmetic enchantments found on weapons. You will enjoy a wide range of illusions when playing Vermintide 2. Each weapon in the game comes with two illusions. This increases your options and the ability to customize weapons.

To use illusions in Vermintide 2, you must make sure that your weapon doesn’t have any illusions; then, go to the “apply illusion” tab in the crafting section to start using your illusion. This will give you the ability to change your weapon’s appearance and create a unique identity. Illusions in Vermintide 2 are reusable. This means you can use them several times when playing the game.

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