Modded Realm Vermintide 2 (Here’s what you need to know)

Game mods for some people are rich conversations, and, for others, it is the ability to configure or tweak the game to meet their fancies, expectations, and likes. Therefore, as a Vermintide fan, you need to understand what is a modded realm Vermintide 2.

So, what is a modded realm of Vermintide 2? Modded realm Vermintide 2 is a sandbox for experiments and mods. This realm allows you to do anything you wish, including installing the mods you want to equip, play conversation mods, and cheats; if that is how you want to play Vermintide 2.

Knowing what a modded realm Vermintide 2 is, along with the difference between modded realm and official realm, and whether you can use Mods on official realm Vermintide 2 is important to understand when playing Vermintide 2.

Since Gold and Lead hit Steam, Fatshark’s desire to add mod support to its games developed. Mods for Vermintide 2 enhance and streamline your gameplay. I will help you understand what modded realm Vermintide 2 is and its usefulness.

The modded realm Vermintide 2 is a realm that allows creative players to share their creations with a larger audience with different wants and needs. Mods give players support, such that they not only play but also contribute to the game by participating in its creation and evolution.

The Vermintide 2, split into official and modded realm, is a strategy to ensure players are not exposed to mods that affect them unless by choice. I will help you understand the difference between these two types of mods and their role in gaming.

The difference between the modded realm and the official realm is that you can only use approved modes in the official realm, while in the modded realm, you can use any mod that you want except loot and exp. That is, the official realm is the original game, while the modded realm comprises experimentation. Thus, the modded realm disables normal progress.

When in the official realm, you will access all your levels, gears, and abilities. However, if you want to try out new things that you do not have, you will need to install mods first. To install mods, go to Steam Hub and open the Workshop tab. Next, subscribe to the mods you are interested in testing.

Steam will download these mods before booting your game. During subscription, the workshop will let you know of any other mods you may need to get your installed mod working. Mod creators set reusable components for several mods. For instance, the Vermintide Mod framework is built by a prebuilt mod and helps lower the mod creation threshold.

Apart from finding, rating, sharing, and discussing mods on Steam Workshop, you can also vote for those you like and provide feedback to the creator through the threads on each mod. This feedback is a valuable tool to the mod creator and impacts the direction that it takes. For instance, most early mods lay between outright cheats and QOL improvement and often provide both.

While many threads praised and recommended these mods at the time, some expressed their frustrations from modders and cheaters who gave unfair advantages, ruining their games. This turned the threads into a battlefield, and by no means would the mod creators remain silent lest they miss out on users.

It is this strife that caused modders to start making cheat-free mod pack versions and anti-cheat mods. Also, Fatshark got in touch with the modding community to explore what they could do to enjoy the modding benefits while preventing conflicts and pitfalls.

Using a third party to secure Vermintide 2 from cheats and hacks, they initiated plans to achieve the above goal and enjoy the creativity from the Vermintide community without reigniting the previous conflict flames.

In the Steam workshop, you can also create mod packs and post them. You do not have to be an expert to do this. If you have some basic skills, the modding community will help you out and welcome your discoveries in the process. To create a mod, start by getting the assembly kit. You can find this kit in the Tools list under Warhammer Vermintide SDK and download it.

When you download this kit, it will contain a readme.txt containing the tips and guidelines for using it. Reading this guide will help you understand the process better. Alternatively, utilize other online sources and sub forums for further discussions. Also included in the text are the steps to follow when uploading your Vermintide mods to the Steam workshop.

Finally, in addition to the guidelines on readme.txt, you should note that Vermintide 2 has an IP owned by Games Workshop. Thus, you should follow the Games Workshop guidelines as well when creating mods. For instance, you will have to confirm that you have read the mods section on EULA before uploading the mods to the Steam workshop.

Also, the mods you create should meet the EULAS requirements with regard to Game Workshop and Vermintide 2 IP. These third-party IPs include Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar that are different from Vermintide 2 and licensed by other companies. While at this, ensure that no third-party IP is present.

You should also avoid altering content in a manner that offends the World of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Finally, you should not charge or ask anyone on the platform to pay for the mods you create.

Can You Use Mods on Official Realm Vermintide 2?

The best part about playing Vermintide 2 in its modded realm is that it enables you to add any fan-made mod you want. However, can you use mods on the official realm Vermintide 2?

Only sanctioned, reviewed, and approved mods can be used on the official realm Vermintide 2. To prevent involuntary vanilla players from the invasion caused by mods and to ensure no one thinks you have cheated in the game, Vermintide 2 splits into the official and modded realm. From the official realm, you can access your abilities and gears.

However, if you want to try out new things, you will have to install mods. On Steam Workshop’s official server, you can only use reviewed and approved mods. These include Vermintannica, Crosshair Kill Confirmation, Armory, Numeric UI, Friendly Fire Indicator, Reroll Improvements, Scoreboard Tweaks, Skip Intro, Needii, and No-Wobble, among others.

Formerly Beastiary, Vermintannica is a fan-made work, a model viewer, and a hub for information on character classes and weapons. This mod can tell you all you need to do to counter the enemies you are struggling with or the builds you need towards killing some types of enemies.

The Crosshair Kill Confirmation is a minor mod, implying that it carries the game modifications that make it more approachable. With this tool, you can set the shapes of your different enemies such that you can tell if you killed a special, elite, or just a regular mob.

If you love numbers or mastering your favorite weapons, then the armory mod developed by Fracticality is a good fit. With this mod, you can easily plan a build for a specific class, foresee the damages your weapons will do, know your weapon stamina, and who slays the other things in the battle.

On the other hand, the Numeric UI mod gives the number to the lot formerly unclear in the UI in-game. For instance, this mod will alert you using numbers of how much health you have and how long it will take before your teammate’s ability backs up. While this sounds simple, accessing this information at a glance will create a huge impact on your general experience.

The Friendly Fire Indicator mod alerts you when an enemy attacks you from a direction that is out of your view. This way, you will know which direction to turn to and be safe. When an enemy hits you, the wide red arrow will turn green.

Generally, it is impossible to play Vermintide and not hit your teammates accidentally several times. However, with this mod, you can train yourself to be cautious with some attacks to prevent more deaths from your team.

The Reroll Improvements is very popular but has the least impact of all official mods. Generally, you can reroll your weapon such that the game throws it into your inventory and modifies it. To view the changes, you will need to hover again.

With the Reroll Improvements mod, your weapon will remain in the Reroll slot, and a pop-up underneath it will tell you of the modifications added. The ability to view such information at a glance and access to your weapon is a bonus as you play Vermintide 2, being a First Person Shooter game.

Vermintide 2, a co-op game, requiring teamwork. However, not all the mods will favor this. One such mod is the Scoreboard tweaks. It does this by adding huge circles around the winning statistic.

This can subconsciously cause you to get more kills and headshots than your teammates. While this seems like a good thing, most players go overboard, risking killing everyone. Even then, this mod is still vital as it tracks how much damage each player did.

When gaming, you will experience several tests on your patience. These include the animations, logos, and cinematics in between the Continue Game prompt and yourself. This can be absurd at times, especially for games that have a small time window.

While Vermintide 2 does not fall in this category, it still has some logos and cinematics in between that you have to skip for every game launch. Thus, with the Skip Intro mod, you can comfortably do this and have a seamless experience.

The Needii mod is user-friendly with respect to item pickups. This mod shows you an order of icons above consumables and lets you know which team member needs them the most. However, it is not very accurate, as it does not consider all variables.

Even then, it is useful in stopping you from being selfish and allocate the health potions to persons who need them the most. Finally, there is the No-Wobble mod that allows you to adjust the wobble you want.

With the above mods in mind, a common concern is on the Quality of Life mods. With most players interested in incorporating the latest QOL, Fatshark came up with the Sanctioned mods concept to regulate this. Sanctioned mods are those approved by Fatshark to play on the official realm. With mod creation occurring by the day, only time will tell where such mods go.

The idea behind sanctioned mods is to ensure that only mods with UI tweaks, QOL improvements, and visual effects find their way into the system to benefit players for maximum progression.

If you create a mod and Fatshark sanctions it, but you feel that it meets the above standards, you can petition for this status in the Steam forum. After that, Fatshark will review it to ensure it does not break the set rules or cheat. If your mod matches all their standards, they will update it, and it can now run in the official realm.

This process is a bit tedious, and Fatshark might review it in the future depending on the numbers they will receive without negatively impacting Fatshark and other game support. Before then, Fatshark stated that approved projects should meet their basic guidelines, such that an unmodded user should not be exposed to the mods when joining a random game unless they choose to.

Also, these projects should not give the gamers a substantial advantage over unmodded ones, including allowing them access to things that unmodded ones cannot. This is to prevent cheats and mods that reduce the game challenge. Finally, even as these standards might change, the bottom line is that mods which enable in-development features and data-mine will not make it through the sanction.

Wrap Up

The modded realm gives you freedom as a gamer, allowing cheating. This is because creators develop and share mods on Steam without strict standards. However, over time, there arose complaints with some gamers arguing that these mods compromised the game standards. This led Fatshark to develop sanctioned mods.

Only those that meet the QOL improvement, visual effects, and UI tweaks upon vetting will pass to the official mods with sanctioned mods. Even then, these mods should not breach Fatshark standards, including violating the gamers’ privacy through data mining and giving them an advantage over unmodded users. While the vetting process is still helpful, Fatshark plans to come up with a better way to do this while preventing online complaints that were there before.

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