Vermintide 2 Tips and Tricks (Curses, equipment, items)

Most people who have played the first release of Vermintide probably know what curse resistance is and what it does. If you skipped straight to VT 2 and didn’t get the idea of the item, you may not know how vital it is to your gameplay.

So, what does the curse resistance do in Vermintide 2? The curse resistance is one of the essential stats in Vermintide because it helps reduce the effects of the Grimoires. You won’t have to put a lot at stake if you or a teammate deploys it since you will reduce your hp. The Curse Resistance is usually on trinkets and can only take around 33%. This level is vital, especially in the advanced levels of the game. Like other similar items, the CR needs high skills and is very exciting because it is rare to find.

For all the new fans of Vermintide, understanding most of the terms and functionalities of the game is very important. Features like the hourglass and Curse Resistance, Red Items, and many other least known actions in the game.

The curse resistance was present in Vermintide 1, and most gamers found it one of the most vital skills in gameplay. The developers also included it in Vermintide 2, although some players attest that they don’t often use it. If you are a beginner in VT 2, here’s what you should know about Curse Resistance.

Curse Resistance is a crucial item stat that essentially lowers the effects due to the Grimoires. Therefore, applying it will reduce a lot of risks in your game. A Grimoire significantly reduces the hp you lose from picking up the tool. You can find this item on trinkets and the lowest value it can take is 33%.

This percentage usually comes in handy when you progress to more advanced levels of the game. Note that using it requires a high skill level and vast knowledge of Vermintide because you will likely find it in unexpected places. Secondly, you should know how it works in case you play against highly knowledgeable opponents.

If your trinket is at 33% CR, you will sail through challenging levels of the game. Primarily, the feature decreases about a third of the Grimoire’s effect, giving you an added advantage. CR is an impressive tool if you love pub games because it is common to bump into teammates that know how to use it.

However, it is still one of the most highly debatable aspects of Vermintide, with many not finding it very useful. Perhaps you can deploy it first to find out whether it will be effective in your gameplay.

Open Chests and Loot in Vermintide 2 or Wait?

Vermintide 2 is notably one of the most gratifying games. As you get to more advanced stages, you will start gaining loot boxes, which usually upgrade according to your character. One dilemma, however, is not knowing the right time to open up these valuables.

The best time to unlock chests is when you have achieved the highest character level in your game. This way, you will likely get more lucrative rewards and total satisfaction that you wouldn’t be opening them on any character.

However, some gamers uncover the loot at any point of the game as long as they love their current player, but I advocate for you to wait it out. Generally, your chest’s value averages that of your maximum power for every slot; therefore, you will get a reward of between -5 to 10 of your highest ability.

Many gamers prefer holding on to their loots until they reach level 20-25 because it guarantees better rewards and the joy of unveiling all of them at a go. On the other hand, other players would instead open them up whenever they want on any character. Generally, the loot scale will increase according to the level you have achieved and how powerful your characters are.

It is advisable to scale a player to a higher level first to ensure that the other characters get more significant loots. If you obtain items from the chests, it is best to restore them because it is common to find even non-valuable objects. If you salvage them for crafting upgrades, you will quickly advance at a stable pace, and it will be better for you compared to saving them.

Moonfire Bow Vermintide 2; How To Get it and What it Does

It is imperative to see DLC weapons in action and use them at some point when playing Vermintide 2. There are various types available, each unique and with its strengths and weaknesses. I will take a look at one of the most used, known as the Moonfire Bow.

The Moonfire Bow is one of the DLC weapons. To unlock it, you purchase it from “Forgotten Relics”, and once you obtain it, it automatically appears as a weapon in the crafting options. This bow comes with unlimited ammo, but you must keep recharging it.

You can hold right-click then release, and a blue fire will explode on your target; your aim will then go ablaze in a blue flame. The Moonfire Bow is generally a versatile weapon that you deploy for armor-piercing. It has unlimited ammo, and you primarily launch it for overtime damage.

This weapon’s shooting range is almost the same as that of the Longbow. However, you can lose successive shots when you launch a charged assault and left click to lose an uncharged one. It is best to frequently implement this skill because it impacts more significant damage within no time. However, it is advisable to preserve the weapon’s charge.

If you deplete the charge, you may have to wait for a long time before it powers. When you use up all the ammo, you should wait for a third or a quarter-way charge first. Among the other weapons in the DLC, the Moonfire Bow is one of the most powerful since it helps deliver a high level of damage.

How To Get Red Items Vermintide 2

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 usually focuses on obtaining rewards. These items include various weapons that you use to destroy your enemies. One of this equipment is veteran or red objects, but many don’t know how to get or use them.

You can find red items in chests and different level vaults, and the most exciting part is that they are scarce, and you cannot tell when and where you will find them. You can get a great shot at finding one if you complete the advanced levels because they are also likely to be in vaults.

Another reliable place to find them is in Emperor and General chests, but with a less probability than in the vaults. Moreover, your chances of getting red items usually increase as you progress through the levels and keep picking up Grimoires and Tomes.

Vermintide 2 is entirely about discovering fascinating items and weapons that you will, in turn, use on your enemies. The red objects, for instance, are one of the most coveted objects because they come with bonuses and are rare. You cannot find them if you anticipate them, and the only solution is to ensure that you finish all the tricky levels to get a better chance of getting them.

They are great to have because they have maximum capabilities, starting at 300. Besides, when you get some red items in your quest, you can salvage them for Bright Dust. With five of them, you can always upscale any exotic object to a veteran or red. Five Red Dust objects will also help create DLC weapons by unlocking their blueprints because you cannot find them in chests.

What Is Hourglass for in Vermintide 2?

Vermintide 2 is a well-thought video game published by Fatshark; it joined Windows and Xbox gaming platforms in the same year. The fictional title has grown massively given that players are beginning to take note of every detail, explaining why I will now focus on the hourglass capability.

In Vermintide 2, the hourglass doesn’t tell the time of an event, but, instead, if you try to turn the glass, you will notice some weird sound that dies off after a while. It seems to tell how long until the sand transfers to the bottom.

Fans argue that the hourglass isn’t a critical component of the game and believe that it is a jumping puzzle that doesn’t function anymore. On the other hand, a group of players confirmed that it’s an achievement that hides within the game, and you can only get it after constantly turning the hourglass. Additionally, you can time yourself and learn to shoot while bored in the keep.

Over time, gamers have thought that the hourglass is a real puzzle, but it isn’t. Most gamers have also relentlessly tried to explore the device to find out its role, with some saying it was just a technical hitch since it doesn’t play a significant role in the video game.

However, others think that the sound it produces can alert the gamers to remain active. Additionally, the hourglass can assist in practicing your aim by timing yourself as you shoot particular objects that are less vital in the keep.

What Is Royale With Cheese in Vermintide 2?

Vermintide games are impressive video titles that involve individuals who fight for peace. The second release is better, with high quality and excellent resolution than the original Vermintide version. I will now shift our focus to the meaning of Royale With Cheese in VT 2.

Royale With Cheese Vermintide 2 games are titles that employ the concept of the original Pulp Fiction in creating a video game. The movie involves two assassins with distinct characters that manage to work together. In gameplay, the term ‘ Royale With Cheese, ‘, sometimes, means a Quarter Pounder With Cheese, a concept referring to machines used for measuring.

Alternatively, cheesing in video games is when a gamer effortlessly destroys enemies using in-game flaws. If you exploit a system glitch to win in Vermintide 2, your opponents will say you are cheesing.

In video games, a royale with cheese occurs when you use minimal skills to win gameplay. If you are a pro in Vermintide 2, a royale with cheese will come effortlessly. Battle royale games are exceptional multiplayer modes where all the players have to fight each other until one survivor wins. Royale with cheese could also be from this aspect.

How To Get Bright Dust in Vermintide 2

There are several levels and achievements to make before you get Bright Dust. Getting to convert items into Bright Dust would require a considerable level of patience in your gaming. In this section, I will guide you on how to garner more things to enhance your playability.

If you salvage a red item, you can convert it into a Bright Dust. The reds are available on commendation and emperor’s chests, and you can open them each time to find out. However, the commendation and emperor’s chests have few of these red items.

Hence, it is more lucrative to play and progress in the levels to have a better advantage. Also, you can convert red weapons that you no longer use to increase your Bright Dust reserves. Finally, you can play champions, and, after a few days, have a considerable number of convertible reds.

The ultimate level that enables you to craft items is the red stage, and below it is the orange, blue, green, and white that are the most basic. Suppose your focus is on getting the highest number of reds to trade for bright dust. In that case, you’ll have to minimize your exchanges and reduce unnecessary purchases, especially for weapons you don’t require.

Getting the red items from commendation chests is quite shaky since they have an unreliable drop rate. However, the daily champion emperor’s treasures are a bit promising, and you can open the vaults to find the reds. If you are an enthusiastic and determined gamer, obtaining the Bright Dust can’t be too much hassle, and you can play your way effortlessly through.

Wrap Up

If you are a die-hard for fantasy titles, you know that the most exciting part about the gameplay is acquiring magical weapons to subdue your enemies. Vermintide 2 is a better version of the first release and has its fair share of weapons and treasures. As you upscale, you can get loots and save them for later use. You can also find red items from these chests in random advanced levels then convert them to Bright Dust.

There are also items to help in your gameplay, like Curse Resistance and the Moonfire Bow. While the CR reduces the effects of assaults, the Moonfire Bow is one of the most lethal weapons you can have. All these capabilities come together to make Vermintide 2 one of the most exhilarating fantasy-themed titles.

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