Best Properties Vermintide 2 (Checked out)

If you are a beginner in the gaming world, you are probably trying your best to gear up for the legend using Vermintide 2 optimal properties. This is because to enjoy and play Vermintide better, you need to understand its best properties.

So, what are the best properties in Vermintide 2? In Vermintide 2, the best properties are dependent on the class you play and the character you select. They include Melee, Ranged, Necklace, Charm, and Trinket. These property values are random within a range upon unboxing from the Loot box, crafting, or rerolling. The Melee and Ranged weapon properties apply to the weapon they are on. You can reroll properties to yield random properties and values, but some will maintain their maximum values even after the reroll.

Knowing the best properties in Vermintide 2 will help you understand these properties better, including the best class and weapons, and what character you should play in Vermintide 2.

If you are a newbie, the game’s properties are one of the first things you should master when playing Vermintide 2. I will help you understand these properties by unfolding their features.

The Ranged and Melee properties rank best among Vermintide 2 properties. Other properties you can use include Necklace, Charm, and Trinket. If you are a general player, you will benefit from the Necklace, which gives a 20% increase in health and a 2% increase in stamina. You can add the Block Cost Reduction if you are a defensive player. With this trait, you will increase your healing from bandages and draughts in addition to its unlisted interactions.

Charm features a 5% attack speed and 10% infantry. A fast attack speed means more crits and slaying. The 10% infantry enables you to kill slave rats such that you reduce the mob density faster. Trinket features a 33% curse resistance and 5% crit chance; therefore, you should use them to make your 2grim runs forgiving.

As you go to the stronger tiers of the items in the game, you will acquire special traits gifting you buffs during the combats. With the above traits, you will also have different skills and abilities that give you an advantage over your enemies. If you want to make it through the most difficult game aspects, you will require more traits.

When a player passes the White Tier of weapons, the different rarity types having different stats will increase their ability, making them useful in combat. With these weapon traits, the player will get specific abilities that they will want to alter their style to utilize them well. Traits will not change when you upgrade your weapon, meaning they will function the same way regardless of the weapon having the trait.

However, to trigger their functionality, the player should complete an action in combat. This includes pushing the enemy or blocking an attack. In as much as players get a random weapon assigned to them, they cannot change the trait of their weapon. However, a reroll allows them to get rid of the trait that they do not care about.

What Are the Best Weapons in Vermintide 2?

As a skillful player, you require the best weapons for successful combats, given the many enemies in Vermintide 2. I will help you understand these weapon traits to make the best decision.

Weapons in Vermintide 2 can be grouped into two, Melee and ranged. With Melee weapons, players can have up to six traits for their weapons. Each of these traits has buffs centered on enemy attacks and regaining stamina. The melee weapon traits include Heroic Intervention, Off Balance, Opportunist, Parry, Resourceful Combatant, and Swift Slaying.

The Heroic Intervention triggers anytime a player assists their ally facing attack from enemies like Lifeleech, Packmaster, and Gutter Runner. It then grants both players 15 temporary health points. Alternatively, a player may choose to block an attack with the Off Balance Trait.

In this case, their attacker will get an extra 20% damage for five seconds. The player has no limitation when using this trait, and they can do so to a larger group of enemies, as their friends work on bringing them down.

The Opportunist trait increases a player’s Push strength by 50% when used against their attacker. In most cases, players do not utilize this trait, as most do not find its effective application. On the other hand, those that have discovered create builds that give them extra oomph.

The Parry trait, if correctly used, reduces the amount of stamina by blocking it 100%. This implies that if a player is good at blocking attacks and is a good timer, they will avoid spending their stamina to block. The Resourceful Combatant grants players the ability to reduce their Career skill cooldown by 5% when they score a critical strike.

Thus, if a player masters this weapon and combines it with an excellent critical attack stat, they will use their Career skill more often. Lastly, the Swift Slaying trait increases the player’s attack speed by 20 seconds for about five seconds. This trait will work best if you pair it with a weapon having higher chances of critical attacks.

The Ranged weapons equally have some traits applicable in Vermintide 2. These traits like in Melee, grant players buffs to their attacks, ammo restoration, and abilities to recharge their stamina. They include Barrage, Conservative Shooter, Heat Sink, Hunter, Inspirational Shot, Resourceful Sharpshooter, Scrounger, and Thermal Equalizer.

The conservative shooter trait grants an equipped player one ammo back for every headshot on their enemies. An accurate player that hits a headshot each time will have unlimited ammo. The heat sink trait, which appears on Bardin and Sienna weapons, gives players an overcharge cost of the attack when they score a critical hit.

Hunter trait increases a player’s attack power by 25% when they score a critical hit on their enemy. This effect applies to enemies having similar armor and will last for ten seconds. When a player scores a headshot with the Inspirational Shot, they will restore one stamina for their nearby friends. This trait is suitable for ranged attackers who are playing with up close friends.

If a player lands a critical hit with their trait, they can knock down their Career skill by 5%. This is triggered every five seconds and is perfect on weapons with higher critical hit chances. A player equipped with the Scrounger trait will have their critical hit restore 5% of their ammunition. There is no limit for triggering this trait, and a player using a weapon having a high critical stat has the advantage of restoring huge amounts of ammo.

Finally, the Thermal Equalizer trait equips the player attacks to generate 20% less overheat when they fire. Like the conservative shooter trait, this trait applies to Sienna and Bardin’s weapons and ensures your weapons do not overheat.

What Character Should I Choose in Vermintide 2?

Vermintide 2 features five unique characters, each featuring different skills and abilities. I will help you understand them and select the best for a fantastic experience.

Vermintide 2 characters fall into four categories, the leading and the top heroes. The leading heroes in Tier S include Mercenary and Huntsman. These characters are the best in this group and can do great damage. In group A, there are some prominent characters, with Shade and Handmaiden proving to be stronger; therefore, adding them to your team can boost your success against your enemies.

Even with the above grouping, your character choice is dependent on you as you can customize their weapon. These characters have Melee and ranged weapons, including spears and swords, to take down their enemies. If you play in multiplayer mode, you can create a team with three friends and gang up against your enemies. When you complete your missions, you will earn rewards.

If you want the best support in your game, then Mercenary should be your best friend. This character has exceptional skills in crowd control and will give substantial health bonuses to its allies. All you need to do is give Mercenary a handgun and melee weapon and watch them defend any point from whichever range.

The Mercenary character best plays when indulging in an aggressive fight with your team against your enemies. He will back up the frontline fighters with weapons and abilities. Given his exceptional skills, this character rewards a high-skill player who can multi-task. He is also one of the few characters in the game who can heal. This way, he can erase the team’s mistake for the next level.

The Huntsman is a DPS at range. This character unlocks after Kruber attains level seven as Mercenary. However, his role is different from Mercenary, and the Huntsman will fight from afar using ranged weapons. His defensive abilities, including evasion and mobility, are vital to him staying alive. He can kill bosses and groups of elites quickly.

Like the Mercenary, the Huntsman’s skill level is as high as some of his bonuses revolve around headshots. He also possesses some incredible qualities, including turning invisible. While his invisibility does not compare to Shade’s and Handmaiden’s, his vanishing specialization enables him to get the job done.

A player who wants this class will need to equip their stealth abilities, improve their aim and equip their armory. With this set of capabilities, they can become a successful stealthy hunter.

Shade is an assassin with instant-kill abilities against his opponents. She also has a 50% buff to damage stronger foes. The Shade career unlocks after level 12. With shade, positioning is key, as being caught off guard has serious consequences. When she maintains her stealth, she can pass through her enemy lines, cause serious damage, and then slip away. This makes shade the best class for boss killing.

Handmaiden unlocks after level 7. This class focuses on Melee but not on close-quarter fights. The key role is in constant mobility and keeping the enemies at bay with her spear proficiency. With the spear in her hands, she can run into her opponents and cause great damage. This, she can do while maintaining a safe distance between both parties.

She can also use the Gift of Ladrielle invisibility feature to switch positions and eradicate her enemies before threatening her or her team. Her technique is dodge and strike, and with her excellent abilities, she can easily bend and weave around her opponents to attain this.

In group B, there are two top heroes, Bounty Hunter and Witch Hunter Captain. The Bounty Hunter unlocks after level 7. He is meant to deal with enemies approaching the front line. The Bounty Hunter is considered fun, given his vast playstyles and build. Every ten seconds, he receives a crit range.

He also has ammo capacity and is Locked and Loaded to punish enemies stacked before him. His setback is the inability to force enemies to a cluster. Thus, he has to wait for an opportunity to exploit, but he can successfully create the opportunities if he has a teammate talented in crowd control.

The Witch Hunter is Victor’s default class. His role is to overwhelm opponents through tagging and damage. He is a powerful warrior and can turn the battle tide then do serious damage. To boost his power, the Witch Hunter uses firearms to fire headshots.

He also uses Melee weapons for the crit damage bonuses. However, their best bonuses come from their movement on the battlefield and buffs to enemies. His constant mobility annoys most players, explaining why this class ranks a bit lower in some instances.

Wrap Up

Vermintide 2 features many characters and playstyles. It also has many featuring enemies; therefore, dealing with them while in a group is advisable. Thus, you should play in a team of four for you to enjoy this first-person shooter game, especially in multiplayer mode. Selecting the best team players is ideal, depending on your game style.

This is given that for each class, different characters will participate and enjoy a unique set of traits. Thus, if you are a legend player, selecting the top-ranked players will be a plus in your game.

Finally, depending on the class you select, you should master the builds and buffs that give you a bonus in the game to ensure you successfully combat your enemies. Thus, while I may not precisely state the best character or class to play, you should master your proficiency and align with the character and class for the best experience. Remember, you can only have fun if you pick a hero that you enjoy playing with.

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