Vermintide 2 Tips (Sienna, Slayer, Crowbill, Natural Bonds)

Sienna Fuegonasus is among the five Vermintide 2 heroes. You will always notice her by her bright red wizard robes, and many love how brutal she is with her enemies. Today, she is our focus as I explain who she is and the events contributing to her character.

So, is Sienna good in Vermintide 2? Sienna is a great player because she is potent and one of the most exciting. You will love that she comes in three versions depending on your preference and demand. Sienna can be a calm Battle Wizard, a powerful Pyromancer, or Unchained. She is also well-rounded and versatile as she quickly adapts to the needs of the game. Sienna is generally a great choice if you want a fierce yet down-to-earth character playing on your side.

If Sienna is always a mystery to you, uncovering her true personality is a must, by finding out as much as you can about her and any other relevant detail you may need.

Sienna is one of the heroes in Vermintide, and you will always notice her at first glance. You will spot her with the Bright red robes, and she will always have her fireball staff. However, this wizard has much more than what meets the eye.

Siena came to Ubersreik as Victor Saltzpyre’s prisoner under the watch of Markus Kruber while awaiting trial. She can take any career you pick for her; she can be a wizard living with her addiction to Aqshy’s magic but is well-structured.

Alternatively, Sienna can be a Pyromancer, tapping into her abilities as a caster or Unchained, where she doesn’t follow any rules and has given into her dependency on magic. She is generally witty with a dark sense of humor, although not many see through her calm demeanor. Sienna is also hot-tempered if need be, and you will always notice how dependent she is on magic, such that many find her a little unhinged.

Sienna Fuegonasus is a wanderer, frequently challenging herself with her powers. Typically, she is humorous, calm, and well-put-together. However, she doesn’t seem to draw the line and occasionally gives in to her insatiable hunger.

It is her addiction that has molded her into her present character. In her escapades, she lends her battle wizard services to others as long as she can satisfy her thirst to light things up with her magic.

However, when you see her in battle, it all changes, as the magic within her comes to life, brightly and loudly. In Vermintide 2, Sienna’s powers came to the attention of Witch hunters, and that is what got her into trouble with Victor Saltzpyre in the first place.

Given her outbursts and inability to tame her addiction, she was arrested, accused of killing Burgomeister’s son and torching his mill. Due to her fiery nature, Markus Kruber escorts her to answer for her crimes in Ubersreik.

Is Sienna Good in Vermintide 2?

Warhammer Vermintide 2 is one of the most carefully planned out games. There are various classes to choose from depending on your preference. However, one common question is whether Sienna is a suitable hero or fun to play with.

Sienna Fuegonasus is a mighty hero in Vermintide 2, and it will always be exciting to play with her. The best part is that she comes in three versions and your choice depends on your needs. You can go for the orderly Battle Wizard, powerful Pyromancer, or go off the rails with Unchained.

Many gamers love Sienna’s balanced nature because she can be calm but still retains her brutality with her enemies. Her addiction to burning everything down is what makes her the tough character she is. If you want the job done well, Sienna is one of the best characters to have on your side.

Suppose you are uncertain whether Sienna is the most fun and powerful character, know that she is a great choice. She is flexible depending on the situation because she can be collected but still go crazy over her enemies. In her career as a Battle Wizard, she tries to calm herself to avoid burning everything down, which guarantees fast damage over time.

Besides, she has various weapons at her disposal, including staves, perfect for a Battle Wizard. Secondly, Sienna can be a Pyromancer, able to cause significant damage in one attack.

Her skill consists of the burning head and launching an exploding projectile, effective when you have trouble with your hits. Compared to the Battle Wizard, this career has a focused target approach when dealing with enemies. To play the Pyromancer, you are better off with the fire staves.

The last and most famous career for Sienna is Unchained. As soon as she turns on these skills, she becomes one of the most brutal Vermintide characters. Her ability to wield melee arms is also notable, and it helps that she gets tougher as she causes more damage.

Why Is Sienna the Least Picked Hero in Vermintide 2?

There are numerous factors to consider when choosing your hero before stepping into the battlefield. You will verify the quality of their weapons and the skills that the relevant careers possess. Gamers have their preferences, but let’s focus on Sienna.

Sienna has some of the best weapons available, but they are primarily ideal for lower-difficulty games. However, if you have the necessary skills to play, you won’t have issues using her even at advanced levels.

Once you comprehend Sienna’s playing style, you’ll make the best of her. Her melee may be slower than other characters, but if you have adequate skills in video games, you can always make it work. Sienna is a fantastic hero with a fierce determination to fight off enemies. Besides her blinding flames in combat, you can also capitalize on her overheating mechanism.

Sienna is one character that will bring a whole new experience to your gaming and make it more fun, considering her looks and voice match her role. For beginners, Sienna is one of the forgiving heroes to play with, even at the champion level. Most players avoid picking her due to minor personal reasons. For instance, others would say that they are not fans because of the excessive flames during combat.

In the real sense, Sienna has some of the best weapons you can use for better gameplay or even become a top-ranking player once you unlock them. If you aren’t a big fan of her melee, you can always manage it by engaging your enemy at a very close range. Her playstyle is also unique, and the only way to maximize it is to be flexible.

Is Natural Bond good in Vermintide?

Vermintide involves combat that may result in overwhelming damages and even fatalities. Therefore, it’s best to choose your traits wisely to aid you whenever you’re in need. In this section, I will discuss the natural bond and see how beneficial they can be while playing Vermintide.

The natural bond trait is ideal in Vermintide if you don’t get hit often. It will guarantee you health between fights whenever you incur minor damages. The natural bond’s slow regeneration rate is essential at specific runs with lower attack rates. Also, if you can access many medical supplies along the run, then the NB is a good pick.

If you play a game that you can finish without asking your counterparts to heal you more than once, you can opt for an alternative trait. Remember that with NB, you don’t have to recover from the unavoidable damages instantly.

If you are good at dodging and blocking your enemies, you can suffer a few minor hits. Also, if the career you chose has THP to guard your health in the short run, you’ll finally end up with close to 240 health points.

The health bonuses will free up potions that you can eventually give to your counterparts who need them. Additionally, while on the run, the NB ensures that you begin combat at a fully green hp without using your health items.

Also, the natural bond gives a player the advantage of picking the first tome, which becomes your health item. If you tried natural bond on your career, but it didn’t work, maybe you gave up on it quickly before getting used to its play style.

You might have also started on the wrong foot by sustaining severe hits without good health. Essentially, you can gather a reasonable amount of THP, avoid significant impacts, and reconfigure your builds accordingly to see how it goes.

How Do You Unlock Sienna Crowbill?

Vermintide 2 has outdone itself by making some changes to its gameplay and creating improved weapons. Sienna is also lucky to receive a revamped new toy called the Crowbill. If you have just heard about it, you may want to know how to unlock it.

To uncover the Crowbill, you must first finish all Sienna’s missions; you should clear any difficulty of the Sienna version of “Back to Ubersreik”. After completing all the challenges, you should also have a “Back to Ubersreik”-DLC to get the blueprint.

When you are through, you can ask for the weapon’s recipe from Okri’s Challenges, and you will easily craft it from the menu. The Crowbill is one of Sienna’s powerful weapons. Moreover, if you love cosmetics, you can also get impressive skin for it. You have to complete some achievements with the Crowbill, and you will immediately get it.

Vermintide 2 players are always thrilled when there are new challenges and weapons to unlock. Sienna’s Crowbill is one of the most remarkable additions to the game, which is why many can’t wait to get their hands on it.

You can only get it from “Back to Ubersreik” –DLC. Once you finish all the maps, Sienna can craft the weapon, and you can access it from chests. The Crowbill is a tiny, flaming hot one-handed weapon that is always on fire.

It provides significant damage and is excellent if you are going for a damage-over-time effect. It also covers a wide area and is arguably one of Sienna’s best weapon choices. The Crowbill is quite similar to the 2h mace, but, comparatively, has a higher damage percentage.

It also has a more powerful charged attack and an impressive broad sweep. However, you would argue that Sienna is just fine even with her other skills, but the Crowbill also makes her lethal, especially when wielded by the Pyromancer and Battle Wizard.

What Are the Best Weapons for Slayer in Vermintide 2?

The most satisfying thing for any gamer is to find the perfect weapon to crush enemies. Even when playing with the best character, you can quickly fail with the wrong weapon choice. Therefore, I went on to find out the most lethal weapons for slayer.

The most reliable equipment for horde is dual hammers like the 2h and greataxe. They have comprehensive area coverage, making it straightforward to dodge and get the correct position to avoid attacks. The 2h hammer is robust, heavy, and has an impressive stagger range.

On the other hand, the greataxe is immensely gratifying, fast on killing hordes, and comes with a great stagger. Secondly, you can also deploy the 1h axe given its versatility and mobility, ideal for light and fast attacks. They are also great when you combine them with dual hammers.

Your primary weapons should be dual hammers. They offer up to 180° stagger angle; therefore, if you implement them in gameplay, you can dodge better and avoid getting hit. The 2h hammer has an excellent stagger range, is pretty heavy, and offers good amour damage. If you have excellent swing skills, you will effortlessly kill enemies in your view. However, you may find it a bit slower and generally harder to maneuver.

Alternatively, you can also use a greataxe, which is faster in killing hordes and has impressive stagger. It doesn’t disappoint on heavy and light attacks and still assures grave damage. To make the most out of dual hammers and crush hordes while maintaining your stagger, you can use +5% speed and crit.

A go-to secondary weapon is the 1h axe that is suitable as a mobile armor. It has speedy attacks but still maintains a slight stagger. However, the stagger isn’t perfect for the legend. Therefore, to maximize it, it is best to use it alongside a dual hammer.


The best way to beat Vermintide 2 and crush all your enemies is by picking the best characters and careers. Sienna is a go-to for many gamers due to her brutal combat and versatility. With her, you can get a collected Battle Wizard, a feisty Pyromancer, or an unforgiving Unchained.

She also wields some of the best weapons like the Crowbill that guarantee success in battles. Fans love her balanced nature and how she can also be fiery when she must. You only have to improve your gameplay and choose the perfect weapons for your tasks, like dual hammers combined with 1h axes.

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