Get a PC for Gaming: Worth it or waste of money?

Although gamers are rushing to get the latest consoles, some people still find gaming PCs the best way to go. It has gradually gained popularity thanks to the outstanding graphics and the open option of buying one or building. Therefore, I went on to find out more about gaming PCs and why it may be a good idea to grab one as soon as you can.

So, is it worth getting a PC for gaming? Despite the high initial cost, a gaming PC is a viable investment. You can buy one or assemble various components to build at a lower price. Unlike a console, it has a more extensive game library with high-quality graphics and offers a great overall gaming experience.

Your gaming PC will function as a standard PC for entertainment and help you with work or school. It also allows the user to upgrade the hardware and customize the features.

Gaming PCs are a heavy investment; fortunately, it is a versatile device that does more than let you play your favorite titles. It unlocks a whole new world for you and will function as your personal computer would and more. Let’s find out other incredible things that a gaming PC can do.

First, a gaming PC has all the great titles you need, and you can use it to stream music, movies, and shows. If you are in IT, your PC will provide all computer services such as Email, Excel, PDF readers, or programming.

Alternatively, users in film and media can maneuver their devices for 3D modeling, video editing, photoshop, and graphic designing. Students also find them convenient for typing and researching assignments. The best part is that you can still catch up on social media while having the best avenue to store hundreds of GB of data.

The advantage of gaming PCs over consoles is that they can do much more since they double up as computers. While consoles will let you play games and watch shows, the PC will do everything the console does and more. You will play your titles, listen to music, watch movies and shows on Netflix, work, and still do school assignments. You can use your PC to surf the internet for social media and enjoy any other internet service.

The greatest beneficiaries are users working from home. Besides playing when you are free, you can set it up as a workstation. A gaming PC helps you get your work or school tasks done, and it helps that it has a vast storage space depending on the model.

Moreover, you can have an external drive for additional space and back up important stuff on the cloud. Most people love that it is versatile, such that you can get a gaming device and a standard desktop in one.

PCs vs Consoles: Which One To Buy

The gaming market has significantly improved over the decade, all thanks to technology. Given thousands of titles available, one never-ending war has always been between PCs and consoles. They are both great platforms, but the PC seems to have the upper hand over the console.

Although gaming PCs have a high initial cost, most users feel that the console is more expensive in the long run, especially since you have to pay to play online titles. Secondly, PCs have a more extensive game library than consoles, and the advantage is that their games are cheaper. You can customize your gaming experience on a PC, and it displays incredible graphics, unlike consoles.

Another win is that you can upgrade your PC gaming hardware, unlike consoles, which become outdated upon new releases. The only downside is that using a PC is more complex, and it is tedious to repair if something goes wrong.

The decision to buy a PC or not can be tasking unless you have all the details about the system. Here are the advantages that a gaming PC has over gaming consoles.


Unlike standard PCs, gaming devices can be pretty pricey. Most first-time users are initially skeptical about buying PCs due to the hefty price tags. However, tech-savvy gamers save on costs by buying key components such as processors and graphics cards and assembling them from scratch. At less than $500, you can purchase the parts you need and build your gaming PC.

The only challenge is that you may incur extra costs if you wish to include other accessories. In contrast, consoles have a lower initial price since their sole function is gaming and most manufacturers produce them in bulk. They usually come with their accessories and have high memory storage. It may be easier to purchase a console, but the system doesn’t come cheap with a closer look.

First, their services have monthly subscription options if you want to play certain games, and they have a pay-to-play policy for online multiplayer modes. The argument is that, although PCs can go for a thousand dollars, buying titles and subscribing to services may be more expensive in the long run.


PC gaming introduces you to one of the best experiences ever, whether you are a beginner or not. The list of titles is massive, ranging in the thousands; therefore, you will never run out of games to choose from. It’s also great that there is a wide range of options for every player; sometimes, they even have console titles exclusives.

Most people love these games, but some complain that some titles aren’t as catchy and addictive as console features. The only downside with the gaming PC is that they may not offer the famous games that you will find on consoles. However, you may have to dig deeper into your pockets to access these blockbuster, high-budget games on consoles in most cases.

You will pay more than $10 for titles or wait for the demand to subside, which can take several months. Alternatively, you can go for monthly subscriptions for unlimited gaming. On the flip side, depending on how frequently you play, if these subscriptions and other charges accumulate, the cost will likely surpass the initial gaming PC cost.


Gaming PCs have quite complex hardware. However, a great feature is that you can always exchange some components for a better and faster version for an ultimate gaming experience. Users can swap the graphics card, keyboards, processors, drives, or RAM chips to stay updated. The tech-savvy who can dismantle and assemble the components also find it easier to do it and at no extra costs.

On the contrary, consoles are more complex to mod, and even when you succeed, you risk damaging your hardware or software, and it automatically voids your warranty. In addition, console users always face the issue of their devices becoming outdated. Since there are no upgrades, your console becomes obsolete whenever the manufacturers release a new model. Therefore, you have to buy the current but expensive model to enjoy the latest titles and the best quality.

Ease of Use

One win of the console over the PC is simplicity. Beginners find them easier to assemble and use out of the box, and it explains why most first-timers go for consoles and eventually stick to them. In contrast, PC gaming is usually restrictive to a tiny space around the computer. Since the console’s primary role is gaming, even beginners have no issues with setting it up.

However, the PC has several additional functions making it pretty complex to maneuver. Besides, some users would rather deal with a few console controller buttons than all the keys in a keyboard. Fortunately, the latest PCs are getting easier to use and set up due to a user-friendly environment and elaborate PC gamers’ online communities.

Esports’ Favorite

Compared to consoles, gaming PCs have low input lag, making them a favorite among pro players. Twitch gamers love that the hardware makes the game faster by offering super speeds, creating fast reaction times. Moreover, PCs for pro players have better refresh rates than consoles; therefore, if you have plans of going to the big leagues, you may want to consider playing on the PC.

What You Need To Know Before Buying a Gaming PC

Buying a gaming PC is a risky investment. Although it has its perks, some people regret later having invested heavily without conducting thorough research first. If you are thinking of getting a PC, here’s what you need to know:

  • it is best to decide whether you want a pre-built system or build one from scratch. While it is more convenient to buy, some users prefer building because it allows personalization and configuration.
  • it is advisable to consider the two main components, the processor and the graphics card. I recommend going for the best quality because the processor is the brain while the card is responsible for screen graphics.
  • you may need to select the hardware RAM depending on what you want the gaming PC to do for you.

First-timers are often torn between building or buying their gaming PCs. While pre-built systems are more convenient, others would instead build their own to ensure that they get the right parts and have the freedom to configure them. One advantage of buying is that it may be cheaper if the manufacturers bought the parts in bulk.

Secondly, before selecting the model you want or any other feature you need, it is also essential to carefully look at the processor and the graphics card. The processor is the system’s brain which does all the critical functions in the PC. The graphics card, on the other hand, helps you achieve high-quality visuals. However, since the graphics are essential features of a great gaming PC, getting a high-performance card may be pricey.

Given how vital each hardware part is, it is only wise to conduct more research before you select a gaming PC. Some users compare the graphics quality using a GPU table to know their features and performance levels. Visuals are important in gaming because you need high-resolution images; therefore, your hardware should also be high-performance for crystal clear pictures and videos. A powerful processor will also be effective if you need to perform other tasks with your PC besides gaming.

Is a Gaming PC Worth It?

As an avid player, you need the best devices to enhance your gaming experience. Therefore, only an updated, fast, and unlimited gaming platform will do. Given the many options in the market, I aim to find out whether a gaming PC is a worthy investment.

Owning a gaming PC is worth it for any player who wants a better gaming experience. Although it has a high initial cost, it is relatively cheaper than a console in the long run. This gadget comes with the ultimate resolution, speed, numerous games to choose from, and allowance for tailoring to preferred taste.

You can also play modded games on it or use it for work or school. It has fantastic graphics, allows customization, and you can upgrade it if you need it to work better. These features make it is a top choice for professional gamers due to its high quality and fast response.

Many prospective buyers are usually skeptical about buying gaming PCs due to the high price tag. However, unlike consoles, you don’t have to subscribe or pay for titles. Therefore, you will find consoles more expensive in the long run if you sum it all up. Besides, if you are tech-savvy, you can buy the parts you need and assemble them to create a gaming platform. There are tens of thousands of games at your disposal, and you can further upgrade your PC components for more speeds and quality graphics.

However, there are two main disadvantages of owning a gaming PC instead of a console. First, PCs have a high purchasing cost, with some versions going for more than $1000. Secondly, beginners find PCs more complex to use because they come with many features and accessories. Luckily, there is a way around all this. If the initial cost is too high, it is cheaper to purchase the essential parts and assemble them, and it helps that new PCs are more user-friendly, and there are several gamers’ platforms for support.

Final Word

There are no regrets when it comes to gaming PCs. Besides offering the ultimate gaming experience, they also function like standard computers by letting you enjoy your social media experience, do work projects, and school work. You don’t need to worry about the price tag because the perks involved are worth the price, and, fortunately, they are cheaper than gaming consoles in the long run.

You will have quality titles, fast speeds and also have the freedom to upgrade some parts for improved gaming. Professional players love these PC qualities. Hence, it is best to think about acquiring one if you have any plans of going pro.

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