DayZ Tips (Jerry cans, Cars, Yellow warning lights)

You must have spotted a jerry can in your main inventory or bumped into one near a building, but you do not know how to use it. This 20L capacity container is a valuable item in DayZ; therefore, I will give you all the life-saving tips you need to spot, fill, and empty it.

So, how do you find, fill, and empty a jerry can in DayZ? You can find a jerry can in your inventory or bump into it near houses or industries. Since their primary role is to hold gas for your vehicle, you can refill them using pumps at petrol stations. When you get to a station, you can scroll down the menu using your mouse and click on the refilling action. When you are confident that the canister is complete, you can go over to the passenger side of your vehicle and empty the gas into your fuel tank, then select the refuel option on the menu.

A jerry can is a 20-liter canister in DayZ whose principal role is to hold gasoline for fueling vehicles or running generators. However, players may have problems locating or emptying them in the game; therefore, the following is a stepwise guide to get you started.

In most cases, you can find jerry cans near houses or industrial buildings. Therefore, you need to be keen when near such structures because other characters may have left them there. Secondly, you can refill them with gas when you get to fuel tanks in gas stations.

To do this, get close to the fueling station, then scroll down the menu using your mouse and click on the filling action, and the gas will pour into the jerry can. On the other hand, if you find the containers in the inventory, you can refill them together.

In the same way you would with water bottles. When the canister is complete and you want to empty it into your car, you can walk to the tank while carrying it then click on the tank to select the refuel option.

The jerry can’s leading role in DayZ is to carry gasoline for the players when they need to refuel their vehicles. You can do this in a gas station then pour it into your tank to power your car. The 20-liter capacity comes in handy for long trips, and you will always have enough to drive your vehicle. The only challenge may be that the container may be too massive to fit into any backpack unless you have a special kind.

Alternatively, other players also fill their tanks with water as an emergency supply when there are no water sources around. In addition, you can also use the fuel in the jerry can for your generator; however, this device may only be present in DayZ standalone. Usually, the cans occupy three inventory positions, and when you want to fill them at first, you can do so at a go.

On the contrary, you can only find them near and around buildings like houses or industries if not in the inventory. Unlike other DayZ items, these containers are somewhat challenging to find; therefore, it is best not to expect to bump into one at any time within the game.

Moreover, when you find one, the large size may not fit in a regular backpack, unless it is a Hunter or Mountain bag and only when empty. Thus, you will often have it in your hands for the better part of the game.

It is pretty direct to fill up your jerry can when you get to one of the fueling stations, usually all over Chernarus. When you advance to a station, you can click your mouse and find the prompt to fill the can with fuel. Next, you can carry the jerry can, go to your car’s passenger side, where the tank is, and select the refuel option.

However, if you can’t find this prompt, you can scroll the mouse wheel, see a similar action, and tap F on your keyboard. While you are filling and emptying your tank, it is best to be careful not to shoot or get shot by others when near the pumps.

Understandably, the jerry can’s high capacity makes it perfect for drinking water, unlike the tiny 64 OZ or more miniature water bottles. However, the jerry can’s primary role is to carry fuel for your vehicle; therefore, it tends to have some gas even when you empty it. Some gamers report that they acquired some contaminated water-related illnesses. Thus, you wouldn’t want to risk it.

If you are new to DayZ, you may not be familiar with filling and emptying containers or refueling your car. Therefore, this guide will give you all the details on these crucial tasks to help you survive longer in DayZ. Read on for these and more facts.

How To Fill a Car with Gas in DayZ

After surviving a long day in DayZ and you realize that your car has run out of fuel, you would only get stranded in the middle of nowhere. Therefore, you need a way to refill it with gas to keep your vehicle running. Luckily, I have a straightforward process for you that needs elementary items.

To fill a car with gas, you need a fuel can, or a jerry can that is full of gas, or if empty, you can refill it at a gas station. If the canister is complete and you have it in your inventory, you can refuel your car by standing near it and scrolling to the context menu. You will then notice your car making some actions, and you may freeze in the process for a few seconds.

Otherwise, if the jerry can is in your backpack, you can also lift your inventory screen and bring the gas canister close to you. Next, head to the vehicle’s passenger side to find the tank and navigate your menu to select refuel.

Fortunately, several refueling stations are all over Livonia and Chernarus, but, generally, you will find one at either intersections or town outskirts. You will notice them by the fuel pumps or nearby kiosks. There are also two main types of fueling stations.

For one, you may find a small convenient one that usually has only one fueling pump in front of a station building. There are also massive stations with several pumps that have a roof over them.

You may also notice giant signs in front of these buildings indicated in Polish or Cyrillic languages. All these gas stations will come in handy in DayZ to gas all types of fuel-powered vehicles, from cars to helicopters and boats. Additionally, you can also use the pumps to fill plastic bottles, jerry cans, and canteens when you want to gas your vehicles and generators in some instances.

However, many gamers are inclined to jerry cans since they have a higher capacity (20 liters) than other containers in the game; hence, you will not run out of fuel when you use them. It is also important to note that the fueling stations can be hazardous. For instance, if you shoot at somebody or another person shoots at you, there is a high risk of explosion for you and your entire crew.

You will usually find your jerry can full, and, to use it, you need to locate a massive fueling cylinder that is typically some meters away from a gas pump. The tanks can be close to petrol stations or industries to help you refill your cans.

Generally, since there is no electricity in Chernarus, it is common to find that the pumps in stations are not working. Therefore, you will only obtain a small amount of gas per tank upon each restart.

Thus, you will need more tanks to power your car. Alternatively, you can also find another vehicle around and siphon its fuel for personal use. To do this, you will need a container from your main inventory, and you’ll be lucky if the car you are targeting has enough fuel in it for easy siphoning.

One more pressing question among DayZ gamers is where they can find jerry cans to use when filling their car with gas. Sadly, it isn’t easy to come across cans in random places as you would bump into items like stones. You can only find them when they respawn or when other players leave them behind.

However, the first place to look is in sheds, particularly behind or around houses. Another likely place is near industrial structures. Lastly, note that carrying the jerry can in a Mountain or Hunter’s backpack is more convenient if traveling long distances.

What Does Yellow Engine Light Mean on DayZ?

The cars in DayZ run differently since they have different modes of operation, with some being more advanced than others. Cars in DayZ sometimes show yellow lights on their engines; therefore, I investigated what it means to your gameplay.

The yellow engine light on your car means that you need to check the engine for malfunctions or lack of specific vital components. In other cases, the yellow light may display if you are not very careful when driving, especially when on the reverse gear.

However, it doesn’t imply that your car has severe damages, and you should immediately stop moving. It only serves as a warning telling you to find and fix the problem on the engine. Luckily, you can still drive your car in this state, although it is best to be careful not to ground the vehicle.

Since you may not understand the extent of damage to your car when you see the yellow light, it is advisable to make the necessary repairs on the spot. The light means there may be fifty percent damage. Hence, if you assume the glitch, the situation could get worse to the point of no repair. To avoid losing your favorite car in DayZ, you can act whenever you notice this strange light.

Typically, it may represent minor issues such as low water levels or a loose gas cap, which may also depend on your car. It may also be due to server hiccups, although the lights will eventually go off once it stabilizes.

The moment you see the yellow engine light, I recommend that you safely pull over and fix the malfunction before you go on with your journey. The best and only way to get rid of the yellow engine light is by repairing the glitches.

If it is the fuel cap, it is best to tighten it well, and the lights will automatically die. It may take a while after you correct the engine problem, but in case it persists, you can try disconnecting the negative batteries terminal and let the car stall for a few minutes. When you connect it back and start the car, your yellow lights should be gone.

However, your vehicle may be in good shape, and all other engine components are in order, but it still displays the yellow light. In such a case, you are safe to drive your car as usual, and, hopefully, it will stop automatically.

On the positive, you can keep going even with the yellow indication depending on the extent of the damage. Therefore, it alerts you that you need to check the engine for any damages. Hopefully, it may only be a server-side hitch, meaning that your car is in perfect condition.

Issues like water level warnings are manageable, and you can keep driving until you see steam coming out of the vehicle’s hood, indicating that it has severe damages. Generally, the yellow engine light will alert you that you have a problem you need to sort out, and by fixing the problem, the light should go away. However, DayZ allows you to drive for a couple of miles if you only have minor issues.

You are somehow safe if the yellow light is steady, but once it begins to flash, it is advisable to stop driving and address the issues at hand first. Finally, note that preventive measures will let your car serve you longer without irreparable damages, and any assumptions will make the malfunctions more severe.


To get through a survival game like DayZ, you need to have all the handy tips that you can find. Most importantly, if you have a vehicle, it is best to know how to fuel it to keep it running. The best and only way to do this is with a jerry can, which is a vital tool to help you obtain fuel from a gas station then refill your vehicle’s tank.

You can find the container near houses or buildings where other players may have left them or where they must have respawned. Luckily, there are refueling stations all over town outskirts to help.

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