Fortunes Of War Vermintide 2 (Tips and Tricks)

From Warhammer Fantasy world, Vermintide 2 gamers follow Ubersreik heroes all through their missions. Besides the first battles with Clan Fester, the title also has hidden tasks that are pretty tricky, even for expert-level players. Therefore, I will focus on one of the gems in the game called Fortunes of War.

So, how do you get Fortunes of War in Vermintide 2? You can only get Fortunes of War from Dwarfen Lodestone in Oleysa’s Tall’s Hornkeep. To get to that level, you will have obtained all the maps from Back to Uberseik, and you must have finished all three Runes. FoW entails battling eight deadly Pactsworn waves, and these stages keep getting more demanding. You cannot load it from the menu, and it is generally one of the most challenging tasks of Vermintide 2.

If you have just sunk into the magnificent world of Vermintide 2, you must have heard the tales about Fortunes of War. This article is the guide you need to know how to find it, beat it, and the rewards to expect when you complete it. Read on to find out more about one of the hidden cities of Vermintide 2.

Fortunes of War doesn’t load from the main menu as other chapters of the game because it is hidden; therefore, you have to uncover it. The aim is to battle with the constant Pactsworm waves to give Olesya ample time to perform her magic and beat Rotblood shaman to it, but you first need to know how to unlock the mission.

Instead of loading from the main menu, you can only get Fortunes of War from Dwarfen Lodestone in Oleysa’s Tall’s Horn Keep. Therefore, you must first obtain all the maps from Back to Uberseik when you finish all three runes.

To complete the task, you must conquer 8 Pactsworn waves that get increasingly lethal. The waves will come at around 20-30, and if players die, they can respawn after each finished wave.

This mission is arguably one of the trickiest in Vermintide 2 and is initially an adaptation of the map from Last Stand “Town Meeting” in the previous Vermintide release. The Fortunes of War is one of the most intriguing and high adrenaline chapters of Vermintide 2.

You won’t find it from just launching it on the main menu, and many players argue that it is pretty challenging to complete. There is also an exciting story behind it.

After unearthing the Runes in the Ubersreik invasion fantasies, the players return to the Skaven invasion in the Central Plaza of the first Vermintide title. There, they must etch the earthed Runes on the base of Sigmar, aiming to give Olesya enough time to reverse the magic surrounding the treasure. At the same time, a Rotblood is out to mess with the magic.

Therefore, heroes must face the deadly eight Pactsworn waves to help Olesya get a chance to do her magic to find the treasure before Rotblood shaman does. The eight waves are one of the greatest threats to gamers in this mission. They get more demanding after the completion of each stage, and you will bump into a lot of specials that you haven’t seen in other tasks.

When you finish each wave, you will see a lightning ball around the sculpture, and it will engrave a Rune on the base of the statue. With each wave completed, the Rune will display around the sculpture, and you will have achieved your task if they run through the entire figure. You will find a set number of special spawns for every wave and all in different locations.

Essentially, there are three primary waves; they include the Chaos Spawn, Stormfield, and the Bile Troll and Rat Ogre. There are also specials in the battles, and you can expect a lot of “grabbers.”

As soon as the Rat Ogre dies and you have killed all the other enemies, the sculpture will open after a few minutes. You can now take the Izrakrak from the statue, charge past the market, out of the hole, and emerge at Bridge of Shadows.

What Do You Get for Completing Fortunes of War?

Many Vermintide 2 fans often complain of how punishing Fortunes of War is because not many can stay standing through all the waves. One motivation may be that you will get a handsome reward when you are done with the mission, but is that the case?

When you finish Fortunes of War, you will get a cosmetic trophy that serves as a bragging right that you beat one of the most difficult challenges of the title. There is no loot or any treasure reward, but it is an excellent addition to your trophies in VT 2. The mission’s focus is to give gamers a worthy challenge besides the usual, and, if successful, you get a frame that matches the challenging level of the task.

Given how demanding and challenging the Fortunes of War quest is, you would expect an excellent reward, but that’s not the case. Most gamers are gratified with the recognition that they have beaten the game. However, others feel that there should be a greater reward for players based on the task at hand that can be useful even in subsequent levels.

Perhaps, the purpose behind FoW is to give expert players a near-impossible mission for them to test their skills. Therefore, it is the best adventure if you want a more challenging quest. When done, you get a chest for the difficulty level and a deserving frame. This accolade gives you bragging rights as one of the best gamers, and you will always stand out.

However, even the best Vermintide players find it pretty tricky. The map is complex, the waves get tougher to beat, and the spawns are almost impossible. It explains why some gamers think that the developers need to put a more enticing reward at the end.

Additionally, there are no Grims, Tomes, or bonuses, and besides the fame, you don’t get any treasure chest. Some gamers suggest that they would love an Emperor’s Lot and possibly cosmetic treasures that vary depending on how complex the task was from recruit to legend.

How Do You Beat Fortunes of War?

FoW is renowned as one of the most lethal challenges in Vermintide 2. Even expert-level players struggle with it at some point and keep trying until they get it right. However, there are some skills you can deploy if you want to beat it easily.

The most important aspect to master is finding the right teammates. It is best to look for balanced and well-rounded gamers that have experience with particular threats. Secondly, it is advisable to understand everything about your spawns. You should know where they are and their potential hazards to help you plan better gameplay.

Next, you and your teammates can improve your kiting paths and take advantage of your environment to efficiently chart a way to defeat your enemies. Lastly, if none of these methods work, you can always pause and regroup when you have improved your skills and are well-rested.

Regardless of your skills in Vermintide 2, beating FoW will always be an uphill task unless you have the right teammates. If one player doesn’t have the proper gameplay, the rest of you will only fall like dominos after that.

The trick is to carefully select balanced gamers that have various skillsets to deal with particular threats. Preferably, find a knowledgeable gamer specialized in elites, bosses, and specials, and they will put up an intense fight according to their capabilities.

The next step is to have well-coordinated gameplay, primarily deploying impressive kiting skills. Kiting involves clearing out the way for your teammates to have a better shot, especially when there are too many lurking enemies. Knowing when and how to use potions is imperative because the first amount should always go to boss killers.

Another strategy is to collectively learn how to utilize your environment and avoid getting into tight spaces. If you incorporate all these tricks, you and your party will likely beat FoW. Otherwise, if they don’t work, you can always take a break and discover your weaknesses. Perhaps the next time you come together, your skills will have improved, and you will sail through the task.

What Is Cataclysm in Vermintide 2?

Vermintide 2 has different classes of games that you can play at various levels. Each stage has unique features that make it stand out from the rest. In this section, I will enlighten you on the term cataclysm in Vermintide 2.

Cataclysm is an off progression gaming level in Vermintide 2, meaning that it doesn’t proceed in the standard order and sequence of other stages. After the legendary, which is the topmost level, the game manufacturer introduced cataclysm accomplishment, seemingly one of the most brutal levels in Vermintide.

It is ideal for individuals who don’t find the legendary challenging enough and wish to push their skills further. It requires exceptional technique to survive this level; unlike in legendary, you don’t loot or get red items, but you still obtain the same rewards in both stages.

In cataclysm, the enemies increase and are more robust and healthier. They are sturdy and have a generally higher damage extent; thus, you may struggle to survive in most cases. As soon as you lose focus, the enemy will take advantage of that and subdue you. Given that the game is first-paced, you may find collecting the grind or x time unnecessary.

Since your sole mission is to keep yourself alive and safeguard your counterparts, every moment in a cataclysm is essential, and it is best to maximize it any chance you get. Cataclysm mode should be the ultimate thought of every elite gamer who craves a challenge. However, the game is less rewarding than the legendary level, where you can collect items to add to your game packs.

Cataclysm mode keeps bringing new modifiers and challenges your every move through the game. Hence, it would be best if you were more tactical to survive the level. Provided that you are comfortable with legend, cataclysm may not be too demanding for you.

Note that you’ll notice that level has a different feel and mechanical components that vary from others. Lastly, as a beginner on the cataclysm, you may find it hard to deal with the patrols, but your best shot is to avoid them by all means.

How Do You Unlock Cataclysm Vermintide 2?

The video games on Vermintide 2 fall into various categories; the recruit, the initial stage, then veteran, champion, and legend, which precedes cataclysm. The Cataclysm level on Vermintide is among the most challenging steps available in this title. Now let’s find out how to unlock it for the ultimate challenge.

The only way to open a cataclysm is to play up to the legendary level and slay all the four lords. In case you beat the lords and fail to upgrade before playing it, there are high chances that you may find trouble going to the next level. Therefore, your last resort would be to play one more time and defeat the lords and unlock your new games.

Still, if your cataclysm mode isn’t switching, you can check for bosses in the Dark Omen because you will need to dispatch them too. Once you successfully unlock the games, you may notice differences with your previous legend video game.

Given that cataclysm isn’t part of the regular levels, you will notice some differences with the legend. There will be changes with the mechanical details and balancing compared to what you are used to in the legendary. Furthermore, you will no longer find loot boxes that you had in the legend. Additionally, the gaming in this stage is exceptional because the level is more rigid than the lower versions.

The skill that you’ll need to play cataclysm should be commendable since you will face a greater enemy that is healthier, smarter, and comes in large numbers. If you unlock it without the necessary preparations and tactics to take you through the game, you may not fully enjoy this level despite beating the legendary.

Usually, the cataclysm is more fun and exciting, given the achievements and rewards that come with it. Furthermore, this stage has patrols that are more lethal to you and your teammates. Ultimately, unlocking a cataclysm is ideal only when you are ready for the challenge. Otherwise, it is best to remain at the legend level or explore other Vermintide 2 classes.


If you are an avid gamer, you can attest that the more demanding the game, the more exhilarating it usually is. It is the concept behind Fortune of War and cataclysm. They are both hidden chapters in the game but pose a significant challenge even to the most skilled gamers. The good news is that if you have the best players on your team, you will effortlessly crush all your enemies.

It is advisable to bring together individuals with different skill sets and master the level to know what to expect. It is normal not to get it right on the first or fifth attempt, but you can keep trying and be patient. If you get too tired, you can always take a break and battle another day.

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