Buying Land Farming Simulator (Version 19 Tips and Tricks)

Together with Focus Home Interactive, Giants Software developed Farming Simulator as a farming simulation video game. Farming Simulator 19 is the 7th game in the series. Players buy land in America or Europe, farm crops, breed livestock, and sell farm products. If you have purchased Farming Simulator 19, you might be looking for the right procedure to buy land in the game.

So, how do I buy land in Farming Simulator 19? To purchase a piece of land in Farming Simulator 19, go to “Map view,” and at the bottom left of your screen, you will see several buttons, and one of them is labeled “Land.” Click on the “Lands” buttons, and your view will change from “Map” to “Lands view.” On “Lands view,” you can see all the land you own, highlighted in green and the rest in grey. Click on the “Select Land” button and then select the piece of land you deem suitable. After selecting the land, you will see its value below the map and if you have enough money, buy the land. After buying the land, you are free to start cultivating and carrying out other farming ventures.

The land is a key component in the Farming Simulator 19 game, and to make money, you have to get enough land to farm crops and keep livestock. When you do not have enough land, you might struggle to manage your farming equipment and structures.

Read on to find out how to buy land in farming simulator 19, how to grow crops in Farming Simulator 19, and things to avoid doing when playing farming simulator 19.

Farming Simulator 19 may be challenging for a beginner, and it is important to understand how to acquire crucial items like farming equipment and land. Without land, you cannot do any farming in Farming Simulator 19, and you can only explore the map, which becomes boring after some time. If you need more land in Farming Simulator 19, here is how you can buy land.

To buy land on Farming Simulator 19, pause the game, and at the bottom left of your screen, you will see a “Lands” button. Select the “Lands” button; your view will change from “Maps View” to “Lands View,” and you will be able to see all the land you own and the ones that you do not own.

The lands you do not own will be highlighted in grey, and you can select the piece of land you find most suitable for your farming needs. After selecting the land, the value will appear at the bottom of the screen, and you can proceed to pay for it if you have the money.

Just like in real life, in Farming Simulator 19, you should visit the piece of land you intend to buy. You need to explore the land and see if it is suitable for your farming needs. You can visit the land to see if it has vegetation or structures and check how much effort and money you will have to spend to turn the land into profitable land.

Sometimes, the land has fields that have crops on it, and if you buy the land, you can harvest the crops and sell them. Therefore, visiting the land can help you get land that is perfect for farming or already has crops that will earn you money immediately.

In Farming Simulator 19, you cannot do anything on a piece of land you do not own. You cannot place buildings, farm equipment, animals, and other tools on land until you own them.

Therefore, if you run out of space on your land, you have to immediately get another piece of land to keep your tools or livestock. You can also not cut down trees, mow, cultivate or harvest crops on land you do not own. You can only visit the land to check if it is good for farming and available for sale.

When you select land on Farming Simulator 19, and you do not have enough money to buy, you have the option of borrowing some money from the bank. If you do not have enough equipment and employees to work on new land, you can take a loan from the bank and repay it later with interest. However, you should be careful about the loan amount you take to buy the land. If you do not earn enough money to repay the debt, your account balance will be negative.

You cannot buy new machinery, and if your debt exceeds the value of your assets, you will become bankrupt. Bankruptcy in Farming Simulator 19 is not as scary as declaring bankruptcy in real life, but it will take you longer to turn your land into a profitable entity.

To borrow money from the bank, pause the game and go to the “Finances” tab on the menu. On the “Finances” tab, you will see the amount you have in your bank account and the amount the bank is willing to give you as a loan.

You can take loans in parts of 5,000 US dollars by clicking on the amount. You can take as much money as you need, and you will have to pay 0.56% interest each day until the loan is repaid in full. You can also choose to return the money in different amounts depending on how much you make from farming.

How To Grow Crops in Farming Simulator 19?

In Farming Simulator 19, growing crops and selling them is one way to make money. There are different types of crops you can grow on your fields, and you need to know how to grow your crops to get the perfect harvest. Here is how you grow crops in Farming Simulator 19.

The first thing you need to do is plow the fields in your land if the crop you want to grow requires plowing. If the crop does not require plowing, you can cultivate the land to prepare it for sowing and planting seeds. Sowing and planting seeds are the easiest and quickest tasks, and you can use different tools depending on the type of crop you want to grow in your fields.

Fertilize the fields to ensure that the crops get enough nutrients to increase the yields during harvesting. When the crops grow, you need to remove the weeds, immediately they appear in the field. When the crops are ready, ensure that you harvest them before they start withering.

Plowing is not required for some crops, but there are some crops that require you to plow the field before you can proceed to plant the seeds. Plowing is compulsory if you are planting crops such as maize, potatoes, beet, and reed. Plowing is important because it removes all the unwanted vegetation in the fields. If you plant a crop like maize without plowing, the yield will be reduced by 15%.

If you are going to grow crops on a field several times, plowing will help maintain soil fertility. Therefore, even if the crop does not require plowing, ensure that you plow your fields every third crop. If you decide to plow, there is no need to cultivate because skipping cultivation does not affect a crop’s yield.

Cultivation is much faster and less difficult than plowing, and many gamers prefer to cultivate their land. Cultivation also uses less powerful machines; hence, you do not have to worry about buying a better tractor and plow. If you do not have a cultivating machine, go to the game’s menu, and under “Cultivators,” you can find different cultivators for your field. After cultivating, some of the crops you can plant include barley, sunflower, corn, wheat, and barley.

Sowing is the process of placing seeds into the cultivated field, while planting is placing seedlings into the cultivated land. Sowing is the easiest method of growing crops, and there are different tools you can use. There are cultivating machines with seeders or planters, meaning you can cultivate and sow or plant crops simultaneously.

Different crops have different rules when sowing or planting them; ensure you know them, especially for unique crops like potatoes and poplars. If you want to plant tree seedlings in your fields, you can find a special planter in the “forestry Equipment” tab on your game’s menu.

After planting, you still need to tend to the land and your crops to ensure that they grow well. Fertilization is important in ensuring that you get a high yield during harvesting. You should fertilize your fields twice; the first fertilization should be during sowing or planting and the second time during any stage of the crop’s growth.

The second fertilization should be done before the crop is ready for harvesting, or else, the fertilizer will not affect the crop’s yield. You can use any of these four types of fertilizers on your crops: liquid fertilizers, artificial fertilizers, manure, and digestate.

Weeding is also essential in ensuring that you get a high yield from your crops. Farming Simulator 19 introduced weeding so that farmers can attend more to their crops after sowing or planting. The weeds can grow at any time during the crop’s growth and, if left on the field for too long, they will reduce the yield.

You should remove the weeds early because once the crops are ready for harvest, all the methods to remove the weeds may not work. You can remove the weeds using a weeder or chemical spraying depending on the crop you have on your field.

When the crops are ready to harvest, they change color from green to yellow. You should not let your crops stay in the field for too long because they will start to wither. When crops wither, you cannot harvest them, and you have to incur the losses and start the process again. If your crops wither, you will have to remove them by plowing the field. You can use a harvester to harvest the crops and a semi-trailer to transport the harvest from the field.

What Should I Avoid Doing in Farming Simulator 19?

As a farming simulation video game, Farming Simulator 19 lets you grow crops and keep livestock with the help of various farming tools. It is easy to make mistakes when playing Farming Simulator 19. If your farm is to be successful, here are some things you need to avoid doing in Farming Simulator 19.

The first thing that you should avoid doing in Farming Simulator 19 is buying land and machinery without evaluating if you need them or not. When using farm machinery, you should avoid driving them in the fields because you will destroy the crops. You should also avoid spending money on unnecessary items that will ruin your gaming experience. Finally, you should avoid wasting resources, especially after harvesting crops.

One of the most common mistakes new gamers make while playing Farming Simulator 19 is buying land and farm equipment without evaluating if they need it. Buying pieces of land and tractors does not directly translate to more money in your bank account. If your original piece of land is still underdeveloped, you will not gain a lot from your other pieces of land.

Unlike other video games, driving your tractor into a field of growing maize crops will lead to destruction. It is a default setting that prevents gamers from driving anywhere in the fields without real consequences. You should always drive tractors and other farm vehicles on roads, and if you find it difficult to keep your farm vehicle on the road, you can disable the destruction setting.

It can be tempting to buy many items for your various farms, especially when you have a lot of money in your bank account. Only buy items that you need on your farm and will help you earn more money. Do not buy much livestock that will require more money to feed and more employees to care for them.

Finally, during harvesting of certain crops, do not leave the by-products on the field. For example, if you harvest wheat, collect the straws from the field and use them as fertilizer on the next crop. You can also collect the remnants, make bales of hay, and feed it to some of the livestock in your farms, such as cows and horses or sell them.


Building a successful farm on Farming Simulator 19 is an easy task if you know what to do. After your original land is fully used, you have to start expanding your farm by buying pieces of land around your farm. Always buy the best land that has good fields and enough space to put up farm structures.

Ensure that you utilize all the resources on your farm and make good use of the bank’s loan services. If you want to be a successive farmer in Farming Simulator 19, always make plans and follow the plans every day.

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