Sea Of Thieves Legend Commendation (Here’s how to get it)

Legend of the Sea is a Bilge Rat Adventure released in early 2020. It is part of the Sea of Thieves, a game series that has been in existence for several years. This captivating adventure occurs in Lagoon of Whispers, a location where Umbra has established dominance.

So, how can you get a Legend of the Sea of Thieves commendation? You can get a Legend of the Sea of Thieves commendation by unlocking the Captain of the Damned Tall Tale, which is part of the “Pirate’s Life” expansion. It is easy to access because it is free; you won’t spend anything unlocking this commendation. However, you must complete the first two Tall Tales (The Sunken Pearl and Pirate’s Life) before unlocking the Damned Tall Tale.

Learning how to unlock the Lost at Sea commendation in Sea of Thieves and understanding what the new update on Sea of the Thieves means is vitally important to all game players. As this will help you in your quest, saving valuable time and effort.

When playing Sea of Thieves, you might experience challenges getting commendation. This can be frustrating not only for you but also for the game’s progress. This is why it is essential to find ways of getting commendation.

One of the most effective ways of getting Legend of the Sea of Thieves commendation is by unlocking the Captains of the Damned Tall Tale. While this process might seem complicated at first, it is simple. It is also free, meaning you don’t have to spend any of your coins to get it done. Knowing how to get commendations on Legends of the Sea will go a long way in improving your gameplay.

Legends of the Sea has a commendation that gamers find a bit challenging to execute correctly. The commendation is commonly referred to as Strike Yer Colours, and it needs you to fight Captain Barbossa’s ship by returning fire. Even though it is not very clear how you can complete this commendation, there are several steps you can take to get it done.

Keep in mind that you launch the Tall Tales by contacting the Castaway at any designated outposts. Furthermore, there are objects behind the NPC that you can use and interact with. These objects represent each quest. Note that the fitting skull represents the Captains of the Damned.

You should accept the quest, get into your ship, and exit through any nearby green portal to progress smoothly. It would help if you played through the mission like any other time until you access the lighthouse section. Upon completing the lighthouse puzzle, find a way to the nearby beach and fight off a small number of enemies.

Avoid sustaining any injuries because you won’t restore your health until in the advanced stages. After fighting off the small group of rebels, get back in your ship and sail to the next objective. A green light always indicates the next destination.

If you get any resistance on your sail, don’t use much of your weaponry to fight it off. It is on such sails that you can attempt getting the Sea of Thieves commendation. Do so by returning fire on a ship and ensuring the damage is maximum.

You can dock your ship at the point where active battles are occurring. If things get intense, make your way out by taking the nearby steps leading to the upper surface. On the surface, you will see a two-storey ruin, climb to the top of it.

At the top, you will see a line of green ghosts firing at ships on the shores of the sea. Get a cannonball from a barrel nearby, load it and fire it at one of the rebel ships on the shore. You don’t have to fire a lot of shots because a single one will do. As soon as the rebel ship is hit, you will earn credit for completing a commendation. If you hit a ship and it doesn’t unlock, try hitting a different rebel ship.

Remember that only cannons can complete this commendation. Some gamers attempt using shots from a gun, which is not effective. Using a gun to shoot the ship will alert the rebels and get you killed instead. Getting the commendation isn’t a challenging objective. The only challenge is getting through the Tall Tales that lead you to the shores. This might be challenging because the cause might be ambiguous and buggy in some cases.

How Do I Unlock the Lost at Sea Commendation in Sea of Thieves?

When playing Legend of the Sea, you might experience challenges unlocking the Lost at Sea Commendation. This is because the commendation is hard to get and can sometimes be ambiguous. Luckily, there is a way you can unlock it.

Unlocking the Lost at Sea commendation in Sea of Thieves relies on passing two crucial stages. Keep in mind that Lost at Sea journals are all found inside the Coral Fortress, a battle during the Dark Brethren Coral Tall Tale. For you to get commendation in Sea of Thieves, you must find all the ten journals.

Given that these journals are scattered across the sea, they can be very challenging to find. To help you locate them quickly, I will discuss each journal and where you are likely to get it.

You can get Journal One almost immediately after entering the Coral Fortress. It is by far the easiest journal to find among the ten. Upon entering the fortress, navigate towards the back right corner filled with ship debris and coral.

This corner can be hard to find depending on the version of the game you use. When in the corner, swim against the destroyed ship and underwater. You will see the journal above the waterline and beside the wood. Take it and swim back to the surface.

You will find Journal Two in the long and dark underwater tunnel. This is the tunnel that Jack Sparrow swims through. Once inside the tunnel, swim past the two glowing orbs of the reef on your left and on top of a rock.

You will notice a large piece of coral just before reaching the journal. It is essential to be cautious when collecting the journal because you can awaken the nearby rebels. You should also be careful when leaving to avoid sustaining injuries.

Journal Three can be located by the pully system that you will need to get to the other side. Lying on the other side of the mast, the journal can only be moved by the pully. Note that it is just in front of the glowing orange coral. It would help if you were careful when on the pully to avoid falling over. While the journal is in a secure location, you should pick it cautiously to avoid attracting the enemy’s attention.

Journal Four is safely secured on the Flying Dutchman. To get it, locate the ship and head down the stairs towards the lower rooms. You can quickly identify this section by finding the knife on the map. Get the knife from the lower deck and climb back to the upper deck.

After a short dialogue, the doors will automatically open, giving you access to the Captain’s quarters. Once inside, you will see the journal on the left side of the cockpit. Take it and swim back to the surface.

You will get Journal Five after a long and dangerous battle on the Flying Dutchman. Once on the ship, a large door will open, giving you a chance to go further into the Coral Fortress. In the next room, you will find debris that you can cut with your sword. Once in this room, swim towards the seafloor where a cage is located. You will find the journal inside this cage.

Journal Six is inside the same room as Journal Five. Once you cut down the debris, get into the wreckage and swim towards the shore. You will see a wooden scaffolding along the left side of the wall. Journal Six is underneath it. Beware that armed enemies are nearby, and any disruptions could attract their unwanted attention.

Journal Seven is harder to get because you have to solve several siren puzzles first. After battling the treaded Ocean Crawlers, swim towards the sea wall with a large piece of ship debris. It is also located next to the glowing orange coral. Embedded in a dull, non-glowing coral, the journal is found at the bottom of the seafloor.

Journal Eight can be found in the room full of siren puzzles. Keep in mind that these puzzles raise the water levels significantly. To get closer to the journal, swim towards the blue coral glowing on the left side. It would help if you did so before heading down the hallway, where you can easily get lost.

Even though Journal Nine is found in a remote location that is hard to find, you can easily locate it once the conversation with Davy Jones begins. Let the whole conversation play out and then swim towards the end of the hall. You will see the journal on the right side, squeezed amongst the non-glowing coral. Be careful when leaving this location because you can easily sustain injuries.

You will find Journal Ten in the same room where Davy Jones had a dialogue with his new court. You will find the journal on the leg of the tables in the room. It would be best to be careful with the surrounding environment because this area is in enemy territory. After collecting this last journal, you will get the Lost at Sea commendation.

What Is the New Update on Sea of the Thieves?

Sea of the Thieves is a captivating game series you can enjoy on various platforms. If you play this game, it is essential to know the recent updates and how they impact its game flow.

The new update has made changes on the seasonal progression, rewards, trials, and plunder pass. These updates uniquely impact the game, with most of them making it more entertaining. The update is free; all you need is a gaming device and a reliable internet connection. The following information sheds light on each of the updates and what you should know about them.

Seasonal progression is one of the updates on Sea of the Thieves. At the center of Seasons, there is an updated progression system for all accomplishments and activities. The update makes it easier for you to enjoy the game in your preferred way and earn lucrative rewards every time you play. You can explore the voyage by going out and living like a pirate.

Some of the activities you can engage in include cooking and fishing, exploring islands, sailing, and shipping treasure to other locations. The more complex and dangerous activity is, the more you are rewarded. It is important to note that the updated version of the game has a new menu. Understanding the new menu is vital for your game’s success.

The new update has also made some changes to the rewards. With the latest version, playing 100 levels of progression will earn you 100 rewards. You also have the option to navigate to the pirate log to see other rewards in the form of cosmetics, gold, and unique titles.

Apart from coin stashes, you will also be rewarded with the fancy Frostbite Clothing Set if you progress through the season. Furthermore, pirate legends can also earn new beards and hairstyles. These styles help enhance your character’s appearance and make the game more exciting.

There is also an update on the season one trials. If you want to accelerate your progress through the season, you should attempt the season trials. These trials will test your battling and exploring capabilities. Passing these trials will gear you up for higher-level rewards. The plunder pass on the new update is also different from the previous one. You need more points to qualify for bonus rewards.


Legends of the Sea is an exciting game released in early 2020. It is part of the Sea of Thieves, a game series that has been in existence for several years. While this game has many exciting features and levels, players find getting a Sea of Thieves commendation challenging.

This is because the commendation is remotely located and can be hard to find. You can get a Legend of the Sea of Thieves Commendation by unlocking the Captain of the Damned Tall Tale, part of the “Pirate’s Life” expansion. This level can be challenging to navigate because it gets ambiguous and buggy.

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