RetroPie Tips (Change resolution, emulator and exit games)

RetroPie is a comprehensive software library used to emulate a wide range of retro video games. These games are emulated on the Raspberry Pi hardware. RetroPie is one of the most common and established Raspberry Pi projects available on the market.

So, how do you change the resolution in RetroPie? You can change the resolution in RetroPie by running the command sudo raspi-config that automatically adjusts the screen resolution. In some cases, you will have to navigate to advanced settings options then choose "adjust resolution”.

If your device doesn't have this option, you should input a specific command that automatically adjusts the screen resolution. Note that this platform features a user-friendly interface as well as a friendlier setup process. This means you won't have a difficult time changing the resolution manually.

RetroPie is an exciting gaming platform with lots of fascinating features. However, like any other gaming platform, the resolution is essential. For that reason, many gamers wonder how you can change the resolution in RetroPie.

To change the resolution in RetroPie, open settings and scroll down to screen resolution. The path to this settings option depends on the type of device you use. In some cases, the settings menu might not be on the home screen.

Upon opening settings, click on System and then choose Display. At this point, you can change the resolution with whichever you want or improve on the current one. It is essential to note that the display drivers tend to change when there are alterations to the resolution settings in some cases.

It is essential to know the vital role screen resolution plays in RetroPie. Without proper screen resolution, you won't be able to see characters. The point of changing resolution is to make the screen as straightforward as possible.

Most gamers play action-packed games on RetroPie. To enjoy such games, you need good screen resolution. This is because playing your favorite computer game with poor quality graphics is not only problematic but also significantly affects your game experience.

There are several reasons why RetroPie might have poor resolution. For example, it could be due to the quality of the game version. Downloading games from unwarranted websites is risky because you could end up with poor quality games.

When playing such games, you will notice poor screen resolution with some characters invisible. In that case, you need to download an original game and enjoy it on your platform. To prevent such cases, download games from verified sources and ensure they are of excellent quality.

Apart from poor game quality, there could be a problem with the device settings. You can adjust the screen resolution on your device and help improve the game quality. This will enhance the game graphics, and you will have a good time playing it.

The most significant advantage of playing RetroPie on a device with an excellent resolution is that you get see your favorite characters more clearly. This gives you a great feel for the game.

Knowing how to exit a game in RetroPie is also very important. This is because you will have to exit the game you are playing to adjust the resolution settings. To do so, press the hotkey.

Experts recommend that you set the hotkey button as Select and Start buttons, respectively. Suppose you intend to quit RetroPie; press F4 on your keyboard. Keep in mind that this is a standard key without any additional settings. You can set it as a hotkey and start using it for exit and logging out of the game.

Alternatively, you can hit the start button on your computer and then navigate down to "quit EmulationStation”. Pressing this button will see you quit whichever game you are playing. However, it is essential to note that using this button to exit RetroPie could result in in-game progress loss. This means that you will have to start over again if you come back to play the game.

Apart from exiting RetroPie, some gamers also want to stretch their screen to achieve the best resolution. While this is possible, it is important to note its success depends on the type of device you use. To do so, start by pressing the menu button to display the monitor's menu screen. After that, navigate to the width and height adjustment settings. At this point, you will see various bar options.

Keep in mind that the figure indicated shows the current screen size. If you want to change its current position, increase the value for the height and width until the stretch fills the monitor. This is helpful because it gives you the best screen size.

You will be able to play your favorite games and have a full-screen view of your game. Alternatively, you can change the screen position by applying its original software. Use the software that came with the original video card upon installation.

Keep in mind that there are many emulation systems to choose from. This is why it is vital to ensure you have the right screen size for your device. Some gamers find it challenging to choose the right emulator and screen size resolution due to various reasons. Generally, if you want a game system that will emulate anything, RetroPie will be an excellent option.

This emulator is compatible with a wide range of screen resolutions, making it an ideal option. If you want to enjoy games on an emulator, you will need to acquire ROMs. It is vital to note that both BIOS ROMs and ROMs are needed. In some cases, gamers overlook the requirement for the BIOS ROMs that end up costing their gameplay. This is essential because, without BIOS ROMs, emulators cannot launch games.

How Do You Exit Arcade Games in RetroPie?

RetroPie refers to a massive software library used to emulate games on Raspberry Pi computers. Arcade games are very captivating, especially when played with the captivating features on RetroPie. However, some gamers wonder how they can exit arcade games in RetroPie.

To exit arcade games in RetroPie, you need to press the quick exit button. While this method works on a majority of devices, some might have problems using it. The quick exit buttons might also fail to work, especially if you use an outdated device. If you are having such problems, there are steps you need to follow to exit arcade games. This section discusses them in detail.

Start by opening any arcade game in RetroPie. Keep in mind that there are different types of games on the platform, with many arcade games found on the first page. For example, a game like F-Zero is pervasive on the platform. You can use it for this purpose.

After opening the game, press the X button and hotkey at the same time. It would help if you were careful with this step because any variation in press times will result in unwanted outcomes. To be sure, put your fingers on either button and press them all at once.

Upon pressing the two buttons, a quick menu will pop up. This menu shows the various navigation options you have and the possible outcomes. Then, press the B button and the hotkey button at the same time.

This will lead you to the main menu. At this point, you will have various options that you can apply to exit the arcade game. On the main menu that pops up, scroll down to "Quit RetroArch" then click on it.

This will see you leave the game. You will be taken back to the game options, where you can choose another game. You can also exit the arcade game option and go for another type of game on RetroPie.

Apart from exiting arcade games in RetroPie, some gamers also have problems exiting a game in emulation. This is because there is no quick exit button that takes you out of the game. To exit a game in emulation, start by opening any game in an emulsion station.

Like the previous steps, press the X button and the hotkey at the same time. This will result in a quick menu with various options. Ignore the menu and press the B button and hotkey at the same time. Upon doing so, you will see the main menu.

Scroll down the menu and click on "Quit RetroArch”. This will see you leave the game in emulation. Remember that quitting a game through this method doesn't result in the loss of game progress.

This means that you don't have to start afresh if you come back to play the game. You also don't have to clear some spaces to save game progress. This is because it takes up small storage space that won't affect your device. While the game progress doesn't take up a lot of space, the game itself could need significant storage. Therefore, ensure that your device is in good condition and with dedicated storage space.

How To Change Emulator in RetroPie?

RetroPie is one of the most popular gaming platforms on the market. One of the reasons this platform is so popular is its ease of use. While it is generally easy to use, some gamers experience problems changing emulators on it.

To change the emulator in RetroPie, you need to start by uninstalling the current one and deleting all its files. After that, you should provide the ROM files for your new emulator. Installing the files will trigger an immediate change in the emulator function.

Even though the RetroPie platform is generally easy to use, you might have a few challenges while changing it. To help you know what to do, this section discusses how to change an emulator in RetroPie.

If you notice that the game isn't running smoothly, there are chances of software problems. Even after checking the power supply and still noticing that the game isn't running, you need to check the software settings to see if everything is working fine.

If you are sure that your Raspberry Pi is powerful enough to connect the game, there could be a problem in another part of it. In that case, you should try to overclock the Pi to ensure its performance is top-notch.

Doing so will go a long way in stabilizing your RetroPie system. While this might seem problematic, all is not lost. If a game isn't running on its default emulator designed by RetroPie, it would be better to use a different emulator.

To change your current emulator, press the menu button, then scroll down to "Setup”. It is important to note that the location of these settings varies according to the device you use. Upon clicking on setup, select "manage packages". This will lead to a section where you can start editing the current settings. You then scroll down until you see "manage optional packages”.

This is the most crucial step when looking to change your emulator options. With this option, you will see a list of alternative emulators. This is vital because it gives you a chance to choose the right emulator.

Depending on your preferences, go for an emulator that works best on your device. Generally, some emulators fail to work on RetroPie because they are not updated. Therefore, you should ensure that the emulator is updated first before installing it.

After getting an emulator of your choice, click on "install from source”. After the successful installation of the device, launch the game that has been troubling you. Be careful when launching it because some games might take time to update their settings. While the game initializes, open the settings menu to ensure everything is working fine. You are also free to choose the type of emulator you want.

While emulators also perform the same way, getting an ideal emulator for your device is paramount. However, pinpointing the right emulator for your device is mainly trial and error. This means you could end up trying different emulators in the hope of getting the right one. While this might be challenging, you can take advantage of Google and navigate the internet.


RetroPie is a comprehensive software library used to emulate a wide range of retro video games. You can change the resolution in RetroPie by running the command sudo raspi-config that automatically adjusts the screen resolution.

To exit arcade games in RetroPie, you need to press the quick exit button. While this method works on a majority of devices, some might have problems using it. Therefore, browse various sites and see which one has the best online reviews. Keep in mind that getting a suitable emulator for your device takes more than just online reviews. You need to also ensure it is compatible with your platform.


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