iOS Wallpapers Bad? (Old & Quality Wallpapers Check)

Wallpapers provide a good alternative for individuals who prefer solid backgrounds to their photos. Unfortunately, most Apple users complain that iOS wallpapers are so bad and unusable to achieve iPhone aesthetics. The IOS 7, to be specific, positions the wallpaper image in one solid way, making it difficult to zoom or pinch to your liking. As such, your wallpaper sits back, affecting its appearance. Read on to find out why this is the case.

So, why are iOS wallpapers so bad? iOS wallpapers are so bad because they stretch due to the parallax feature affecting the resolution. Apple devices also have limitations in their image size and fitting a wallpaper that is not sizable will affect quality. Another explanation could be the lack of prioritization by Apple to improve their quality as most people do not consider them first when setting up their lock or home screens.

With good quality cameras available, most people prefer to attach a photo in their background, as it is more interesting to watch. Therefore, one can assume that Apple puts out a few low-quality wallpapers, hoping that only a few people will be interested. With the availability of third-party apps also, users have a variety of wallpapers to explore.

A self-contained product is attractive, as you do not have to do extra installations for what you want. Unfortunately, this is not the case with IOS devices’ wallpapers, given their quality.

While wallpapers should be exciting to watch when you open your device’s screen, this is not the case with Apple’s IOS wallpapers. If anything, Apple’s wallpapers are frustrating for anyone who would love to use them in their background. Users complain that they appear pixelated or stretched, and I will help you understand why this is the case.

iOS wallpaper complaints

iOS wallpapers are bad because of the parallax feature that affects their resolution. Also, Apple devices have image size limitations that affect their quality when you fit in either portrait or landscape modes. Another casual reason can be attributed to Apple’s lack of investment.

The latter has led to the development of third-party apps that offer thousands of pictures that users can download and use as wallpapers. Whether Apple will improve its wallpaper quality or not is yet to be known, but users can explore the options available in the meantime.

Wallpaper stretching is in both iPhones and iPad but is more noticeable on the iPad. The issue appears as iOS tries to set the wallpaper in either landscape or portrait mode.

You will notice this when setting an image that is not the exact fit for your iPad or iPhone’s original resolution. The iPad home and lock screens use both portrait and landscape orientations, while the iPhone is limited to the portrait, explaining why the issues are more noticeable on the iPad.

The older iOS versions could allow pinching and zooming, resulting in a lower-quality image. However, this is impossible with the iOS 7, even though the image quality is still a problem.

In addition to the resolution, poor-quality images arise due to the parallax feature. Ideally, tilting your IOS device will readjust the home screen, creating an effect that the device is moving with you. While this happens, IOS considers that the background needs some padding. Addressing resolution, image size, and parallax effects should improve your wallpapers’ quality.

Fixing iOS wallpaper quality

The first step to getting quality wallpaper is ensuring the image is of the right size. One of the reasons for poor quality wallpaper, especially in iOS 7, is zooming in and out. Getting the right image size should fix the problem.

This is more so if you disable the Reduce motion effect. Some app developers have even come up with apps to solve this problem. One app you can use on iPads and iPhones is Wallax, which remedies the issue by cropping and saving the images in the appropriate resolution.

This app also features textured wallpapers and customizable gradients. You can also use blur, bokeh, and other image focus effects to achieve the same. Upon resetting your image, you can export it to the camera roll and apply it as your wallpaper.

Where the parallax effect is causing poor quality wallpaper, you can compromise on the fake 3D look for a quality background. This will entail turning off the Reduce Motion feature. This fix is more appropriate for iPhone than iPad owners.

To turn off Reduce motion, launch your Settings App and tap General. Next, tap Accessibility, select Reduce Motion, and turn it off. This action will stop the moving background and speed up transitions fading in and out. In addition, you will experience fast responses when navigating your apps.

Old iOS Wallpapers

Apple’s wallpapers continue to be a discussion on most platforms, with others complaining of their low quality while others disagree with some of Apple’s choices. As Apple continues to release new iPhone and iPad versions, users are concerned with what happened to the older wallpapers.

Like other features, iOS wallpapers will be affected by Apple’s new releases and versions.  Some categories will remain the same, but others will change completely. Even worse, Apple might do away with some categories leaving users to rely on apps for wallpapers. While users find some changes extreme and disappointing, pointing to Apple’s view of wallpapers as unimportant, Apple has yet to respond to this concern.

Using iOS 10 as an example, it is evident that old wallpapers can disappear or improve with newer IOS versions. The iOS 10 featured the Live, Still, and Dynamic wallpaper categories, but there were no changes in the Dynamic wallpaper with the transition to iOS 11.

This means that the user can still access the seven wallpaper options. Unfortunately, given their almost solid nature, they are the least favorite to many users and even disappointing with Apple making no changes.

On the other hand, the Still category witnessed tremendous changes with this transition. Its former options comprised 15 varieties, including color gradients and planets wallpapers. Apple maintained Still in iOS 11 with the options adding UP to 20 in the new version.

Also, in its new version was the replacement of the planets and color explosions with floral wallpapers, earth, moon, and other Apple themes.

On the flip side, there were disappointments with the Live wallpapers category. This category initially featured nine options in the IOS 10, including exotic fish and solutions dropped in liquid, giving a cloudy effect.

The upgrade to iOS 10 reduced the options to three, removing the animated fish. To many users, the fish was a favorite theme as it could move back and forth with a tap; hence unfortunate that Apple removed it without replacement.

High-Quality iPhone Wallpapers

You look at your iPhone wallpaper as often as you look at your iPhone. Hence, you may want to put something attractive to your eyes, a memory, or a motivation to navigate life. Wallpapers provide visual customization and making the most of it is necessary. Read on to learn how you can get quality wallpapers for the iPhone.

The best alternative to getting high-quality wallpapers for iPhones is using wallpaper apps since IOS limits wallpaper quality. These apps include Vellum, Unsplash, Alternator,, Pexels, Clarity, Reddit, and Walli, among others.

These apps feature artistic, abstract, and anime wallpapers that can suit your aesthetic. Depending on the app, you can also learn more ways to customize your device. The apps have free and premium subscriptions, with the premium featuring additional features and no advertisements.

Upon downloading a suitable wallpaper from your choice app, you can set it on your home or lock screen through a few steps. Navigate to your Settings app, select Wallpaper, then Choose New Wallpaper. Select the image you downloaded from your photos, Stills, Live or Dynamic. To select a Live wallpaper or Photo, you should own an iPhone 6s or later. The iPhone SE and XR do not support Live Wallpaper.

Setting up wallpapers

Setting your wallpaper requires you to drag or pinch to zoom for a proper fit on your screen.  Unfortunately, some images will not scale, in which case you can select Perspective to ensure it moves as you tilt your device.

Alternatively, choose Still to prevent movement. You should note that the Perspective option will not be available when you turn Reduce Motion or Low Power mode on. Lastly, set your wallpaper and select where you want it to appear. You can set your wallpaper as your Lock or Home screen or Both.

The Lock screen shows when you wake your iPhone, while the Home screen is what you see when you unlock your iPhone. If you want a different wallpaper for your home and lock screens, you can repeat the above procedure and select your options for each.

Starting with the Pexels Apps in your wallpaper journey is ideal if you are a beginner. This app allows you to enter a keyword in the search box and populates several images. You can then select the one you want and view its details, including the resolution, size, and aspect ratio. Once you make up your mind, click the Free Download option on the app and proceed to set it as your wallpaper.

Unsplash is another app you can try for quality wallpaper. Courtesy of Unsplash corporate, this app functions like Pexels and allows you to search for a wallpaper using a keyword. This way, you can access a selection of graphic designs and professional photos.  Even better, you can get unique models using the iPhone 5 series and above.

If you want to get away from the standard iPhone wallpaper to a perfect background, you can try Vellum. The Vellum app offers an ultimate solution of high resolution and stunning images for your iPhone. This app is free with the advantage of new packs daily, enabling you to get a new limited-edition wallpaper daily.

You can use the blur feature if you want a softer wallpaper appearance. The app also allows you to make a complementary gradient effect. You can upgrade to the premium version if you want more curated images and remove the ads.

Kappboom features more than 200000 wallpapers. Navigating through this app is also easy, coupled with slide shows that enable you to get the images you like. The image search engine can check different colors, tags, and categories.

Another benefit of using Kappboom is that you can use these images with your contacts for the best iMessage themes. Sharing your wallpapers from this app is possible through AirDrop, message, or email. also features more categories and allows you to select your device to size the image you select. The wallpapers in this app are in different resolutions, allowing you to download one that works with your device.

While the above apps meet most users’ wallpaper needs, if you want your wallpaper in 4K or HD, you can try the Everpix Cool Wallpapers. This app features thousands of apps and allows you to search by category.

These categories include cartoons, nature, 3D, and holidays. If undecided on what to download, you can use the preview mode, and to make your backgrounds unique, use the blur tool.

Everpix cool wallpaper is a free app that updates its background daily. The subscription is free, but you can pay a premium to remove the advertisements and unlock more content. The 1000 wallpaper and Background functions like the Everpix cool pictures with an extension of popular iPhone wallpapers. This app features over a hundred categories available in HD and 4K.

Wrap Up

IOS devices, unlike Android, feature wallpaper limitations. Apple has not invested in many wallpapers, and users have no option but to rely on third-party Apps for quality wallpapers. The parallax feature that affects resolution and the image size are among the reasons for the poor-quality wallpapers.

Hence, selecting sizable photos and turning off the parallax feature should solve the problem. Users also attribute the poor-quality images to Apple’s failure to invest in them, given the availability of the same in third-party apps.

Given the above limitations, you can rely on third-party apps for quality wallpaper images. These include Vellum, Unsplash, Patternator,, and Clarity. These apps have different themes to suit your personality and aesthetics and are available in free and premium subscriptions. A premium subscription is ideal if you want to unlock more features and view your content without disruptive ads.

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