MagSafe Cases Wet? (Waterproof & Durability Check)

MagSafe is a charging technology designed by Apple to work on iPhone 12 and later models. Originally designed for MacBook charging codes, MagSafe uses advanced technology to charge your phone fast and efficiently. A standard MagSafe comes with a MagSafe case that protects it from various dangers.

So, can MagSafe cases get wet? MagSafe cases cannot get wet. This is because they are made of silicone material that cannot allow water penetration. Therefore, when using your MagSafe in wet environments, you shouldn’t worry about getting wet. The protective casing is also aimed at preventing short-circuiting by keeping water out.

While MagSafe cases don’t get wet, you should avoid exposing them to water regularly. Doing so can weaken their structure and lead to water penetration. You should keep it dry as much as possible for the best results.

If you have used a MagSafe case before, you must have liked its design and functionality. MagSafe cases are designed to protect your device against damage caused by accidents. While MagSafe cases are effective in their role, some users wonder whether they can get wet.

MagSafe cases cannot get wet. This is the case because they are made of silicone rubber that cannot allow water penetration. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your device getting wet when exposed to water.

MagSafe cases are reliable in such circumstances because they also prevent short-circuiting. Water going through the case and reaching the charger might affect your device’s charging system.

This is prevented by using the MagSafe case that stops water entry. Knowing some of the other key features of MagSafe cases will enlighten you on how they work. You will also realize why you need to use the cases on your device.

MagSafe Charger

The MagSafe charger, which is protected by the MagSafe case, uses an iPhone’s internal magnet to create a reliable connection between the two devices. The charger is circular and almost resembles an Apple Watch charger.

The only difference is that MagSafe is bigger, flatter, and thinner. When it comes to charging your iPhone, you have many aspirations that you believe will help enhance your charging experience.

You want a charger that charges your phone fast and gets it full in the shortest time possible. Some users even prefer having phones they will never have to charge at all! While that hasn’t happened yet, there is significant progress towards achieving this goal.

The MagSafe charger is a high-tech device that improves your charging experience. It is nice to dream about devices that can charge your iPhone from across the room while you use it and keep it charged for as long as possible — a MagSafe charger is something near that.

This charger has features that make it quite reliable and useful. From having a case that doesn’t get wet to ensuring fast charging, the MagSafe charger has a lot to offer. There are many reasons why you should consider using the MagSafe charger and its case and knowing some of these reasons will motivate you to do so.

One of the reasons you should consider using the MagSafe charger is that it provides maximum convenience. As MagSafe suggests in its branding, it has a reliable and trustworthy magnetic connection. In simpler terms, this charger is very safe to use.

It has physical and digital audible cues that provide you with reliable and satisfying feedback once your device has been connected. Connecting your iPhone to your MagSafe charger is easy — simply hovering it over the iPhone will suffice.

This is the case because it has a circular puck that automatically connects and snaps onto your iPhone. This ensures a fast and efficient connection that keeps your device fully charged.

Besides, when you want to place your iPhone on any other wireless charger, you must align the device in the middle of the charger manually. After, you will have to wait and confirm that the device is charging before leaving. This isn’t the case with the MagSafe charger. It guarantees efficiency and can easily connect to the iPhone without manual involvement.

Manual Chargers

When using manual chargers, there are also risks of the iPhone slipping away from the center of the charger and getting damaged. This is likely to happen if it vibrates when you receive notifications.

When you use a cable to charge your iPhone, you will not only have to fetch the charger’s tip, but also demand that you use both hands to connect. This can be inconvenient if you have one hand occupied or incapacitated.

You are more likely to be inconvenienced when using cable chargers than when using MagSafe chargers. Besides, MagSafe and other wireless chargers are weighted. This means they can stay put on the surfaces you leave them on. On the other hand, cables might just fall on the floor, affecting the charging system.

MagSafe efficiency

Another reason you should consider MagSafe chargers and cases because they offer effortless efficiency. When comparing the two charging systems, it is vital to mention that wired charging is an efficient way to charge.

This is the case because it virtually provides the most lossless energy transfer. While this is the case, wired charging is not entirely effortless. In fact, wired chargers are only as good as the accuracy of their plugging into your iPhone. A significant amount of charging energy can be lost in a wired charger if the coils inside it are not perfectly lined up.

This can result in slower charging which could also affect your iPhone. On the other hand, MagSafe charges ensure that charging is done as efficiently as possible. This is possible because the materials and technology used on MagSafe chargers guarantee efficiency. Besides, you don’t have to look when placing your charger because it connects automatically. This means it is effortless to use a MagSafe charger.

MagSafe chargers also come with intuitive maneuverability. Just like MagSafe cases, chargers are also flexible and can be used in any environment. One of the biggest setbacks of standard wireless chargers is their inability to comfortably or reliably use your iPhone while charging.

You can still use your iPhone when plugged into a cable charger, meaning the cable isn’t the problem in this arrangement. However, a plugged-in cable can often get in your way, making it difficult for you to use your iPhone while charging.

Most users tend to play games on their phones while they are connected to chargers or watching a video in landscape mode. Your activity can greatly be distracted if you use a wired charger.

Even though some chargers have added grip to enhance user experience while charging, you might still find it uncomfortable. You will also have issues with accessible scrollable content because the cable gets in the way.

This explains why most users charge their phones overnight and leave them undisturbed. With MagSafe chargers, this isn’t the case. You will have comfortable and reliable charging even when using your iPhone.

This is the case because the MagSafe charger sticks to the back of your iPhone. Due to its added tactility, it efficiently sticks to the back of your device and allows you to use the phone with it.

This is also an added advantage because it keeps the phone stable. Even better, the MagSafe charger allows you to rotate its cable, ensuring it is out of your way in whichever position you hold your iPhone.

Even if you are watching your videos in landscape, you won’t be distracted by the cable. Another great feature is the ability to push the puck away with ease. You can do so with one of your fingers when charging.

This means you won’t need two hands to disconnect your iPhone after charging is complete. You will need both hands to unplug a plugged-in cable, which can sometimes be inconvenient.

MagSafe water protection

MagSafe cases are the outer casing that supports the MagSafe charger. These cases are made of strong material to protect the charger from possible damage. However, some users wonder whether MagSafe cases are waterproof.

MagSafe cases are waterproof. This means they don’t allow water penetration or leakages. MagSafe cases are made from silicone and other tough materials that prevent water penetration.

Besides, the cases come in different shapes and designs, depending on your preferences. Remember that these cases are only used on iPhone 12 and later models. It is crucial to know the safety features of MagSafe cases for better understanding.

Safety and privacy are essential parts of MagSafe cases. Future iPhone models are said to leave the lighting port behind and operate without it. This means the need for ports in iPhones is getting smaller and smaller, with many functions becoming automated.

A MagSafe charger is one of the inventions close to making the no-ports policy a reality. Generally, ports are one of the most vulnerable parts of an electronic device. This is the case because ports allow all kinds of malicious activities to be done intrusively.

The damage such activities can cause is more severe and dangerous. Besides, it could lead to the breakdown of the charging system. Although it is not malicious or illegal, personal jailbreaking is often effective and easier when a device is plugged in. When charging is done over the air, the chances of jailbreaking are significantly low. This means your device is more secure with this setup.

While this makes it harder for users to mode their iPhones and install foreign software, it also makes it almost impossible for hackers to access your private information. You don’t have to worry about your iPhone being hacked and losing important information.

You are encouraged to use an MFi MagSafe connection because it is more secure. Using this charging system makes your phone less exposed to attacks that take advantage of a wired connection. Cables like Hak5’s O.MG are used to hack devices by simply plugging into them.

Therefore, if you know your phone has sensitive data that hackers could target, you should use MagSafe chargers. With MagSafe cases protecting your phone against physical damage, the charger keeps your information secure.

MagSafe case durability

MagSafe cases are useful, especially in protecting the iPhone against damage. They are made from strong materials that prevent water damage and physical wear. However, some users wonder if MagSafe cases are durable.

MagSafe cases are durable. This is because they are made from high-quality materials that make them usable for a long time. You don’t have to worry about replacing the MagSafe case after a short time because it is durable. When using the MagSafe case, you enjoy a wide range of benefits, including water prevention. This is possible because MagSafe cases are waterproof.

For many years, Apple products, including iPhones, have been improving their water resistance features. While the iPhone is generally waterproof, its port can get wet. If you desperately need to charge the phone, you can easily damage it due to the wet port.

Besides, you can easily damage and corrode the iPhone’s charging pits due to inconsistency. Note that if the charging port is damaged, it can be very costly to repair. Besides, getting an ideal replacement is not guaranteed because iPhones work well with original chargers.

Even worse, you might risk electrocution! All that can be avoided if you use a MagSafe charging case. The case is not only durable but also waterproof. There is no risk of water penetrating the phone and causing damage.

Apart from durability, there are many other benefits of a MagSafe case. The fact that MagSafe cases come in different shapes and colors is a huge advantage. You can get a case with your favorite color or design.

The case also has a strong magnetic field that keeps the charger attached. This means you don’t have to worry about the device falling off when using or charging.

Wrap Up

MagSafe is an advanced charging technology from Apple. Even though it was initially meant to work as a security feature for MacBook chargers, it was modified to become one of the best iPhone chargers.

Thanks to its unique features, the MagSafe case doesn’t get wet. The case is made from tough material that prevents water entry. Besides, the MagSafe case is waterproof. Therefore, when using the device in wet areas, you don’t have to worry about water penetration. Even better, MagSafe cases are durable — you can use them for many years without replacing them!

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