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Xbox Hated? (XBox 360, One to Series X checked out)

When Microsoft announced that they would be making video game consoles, many people in the gaming industry were skeptical. The gaming industry already had big c...

Jailbreaking PS4 (Legal? Free games? Play new games?)

If you are a PlayStation 4 player, you know the costs you must incur to play the games you love. One way out I found is jailbreaking, which also opens you up to...

Is Xbox Cheap? (Compared with PS4 and PS5)

Xbox has, over the years, stood out as one of the top gaming products in the market. From the cool features, high performance system, and quality graphics, it d...

Playstation More Popular Than Xbox? (PS4 & PS5 checked out)

The PlayStation 5 was released in November 2020, and Sony sold out all the consoles within a few days. Due to its popularity, scalpers were selling PlayStation...

Playstation Firmware Downgrade (PS4 and PS5 checked out)

Sony always provides upgrades for system software on all their video game consoles. These upgrades are meant to improve the player experience and fix problems a...

Xbox One (Chipping and Jailbreaking checked out)

From the first Xbox series global launch in 2005, Microsoft has consistently released incredible gaming platforms for its users. The only challenge with the gam...

Xbox Cracked? (Xbox One and Xbox 360 checked out)

As an Xbox owner, I'm pleased to know Microsoft have made constant updates in its gaming systems to ensure that they beat the competition and secure their syste...

Xbox 360 (Tips on modding, cracking, RGH and JTAG)

Modification or modding, in short, means bypassing your console's security and design to explore more games and play them in different ways. Many people are con...

IP Booting Xbox & PS5 (Tips to stop IP hacking and booting)

As an avid gamer, I put all my time and effort into a game and when my connection suddenly drops when I'm seconds away from beating and winning a difficult leve...

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